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Hey everyone so this is going to be a kinda long topic, but it is going to be super helpful.

So I guess we all been having a slow or laggy gameplay and sometimes your opponent seems to be having a much responsive gameplay than yours. Even if you play on low ping and your internet is very good you somehow end up having a bad gameplay, and it's unplayable. So I brought you the top solutions you need to know and apply to get much better responsive gameplay.

First let's start with the PS4 performance, and then we move to router and internet setting there is a lot to be mentioned.

1 – Make sure to clean your PS4 properly, so it preforms better

2 – Set a black background, so your PS4 feel much faster

3 – Set video output settings to automatic especially RGB range.

4 – Go to sharing and broadcasts and make the video length 30 second, so you don't put much pressure on the graphic card.

5 – Go to system and enable limit number of content items on home screen and enable HDCP.

6 – Rebuild your PS4 database from the safe mode.

7 – Make sure to connect your PS4 controller with cable not Bluetooth it's very important to have less button delay.

8 – clean your PS4 capture gallery and unnecessary applications.

9 – make sure to test your PS4 controller on PC (you can find that on YouTube it's easy) to know if there is any button that is pushing you from doing a move, or maybe it gets stuck sometimes.

Now to more important tips about FIFA AND ROUTER

trust me on these they really matter.

1 – Make sure to be playing on gaming monitor less than 27'' with 1ms response time and a TN panel. I know you can be playing on big TV and win too but This is because monitors generally have more pixels per inch than televisions, and this really help you to see the game differently smoother and more responsive. PS : All Pro Players play on gaming Monitors.

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2 – Your router setting will matter the most so knowing what works for you will take your game performance to the next level.

3 – Check if you have packet loss towards ea servers and ultimate team in general by downloading UOtrace you can find the link here :

Test it and see if there is packet loss or not it's not that hard.

4 – Let's start with your MTU you need to find your best MTU setting to get rid of the packet loss you get in game there is a lot of videos on YouTube explaining how to find the best MTU through PC with the CMD it's not that hard don't worry. After finding what is the best MTU for you just apply it in the router and will get to how to set it in PS4 later on. I know I didn't explain this a lot, but it will take ages. You are probably playing with 1500 MTU on PS4, so you need to change that.

5 – now let's move to the QOS setting on router it's basically mean that you're going to give an advantage to a device over the other on your router. You can check this YouTube video for a clear understanding

I know it change from a router to another, but it's not that complicated when you understand it.

6 – Setting a Static IP for the PS4 This is related to the MTU.

Go to settingsnetwork → set up internet connection use a LAN cable (you have to use a LAN cable it's so much better for ping and stable internet) → customIP address settings (Manual) and full in your settings if you don't know them just go back to settingsnetwork and press view connection status, and it will show you then write it down but in the first IP address you have to find an unused IP Go to your PC the CMD and type Ping 192.168.1.(choose number) you need to find something saying Unable to reach the destination host try or anything just change from 1 to 100.

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The last option should be DNS I probably don't advice you to go with automatic since it use your ISP DNS so download DNS benchmark and find the best DNS for you then press next and choose do not specify for the DHCP Host Name after that you will find MTU put the MTU that we found that is the best for us and that's it. this should help you to get 0 packet loss in game. Even the ping is the same but no packet loss.

7 – In your Router set the firewall setting to low

8 – You have to check which server you are connecting to before playing by going to pro club then lead board then search club you should see what server you're connecting to. If that server is not the server that is close to you the disconnect your PS4 network and connect it again and try it should connect you to another server. This is so important because wrong server can increase your ping by 10 or 20 ms or even worse.

9 – make sure that in game you play HOME not AWAY this will make your players feel better and somehow play stronger. It doesn't mean you're not going to lose but still. There is many video showing how to know this

Finally, guys I want to say that there is a lot more things to do on the router but I really can't mention them all they will take forever like your profile type your Interleaved depth ECTS … and feel free to ask me anything if you need help setting this things up or anything I will be happy to help.

Amir Gdayem


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