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My name is Jack Fay and I am undertaking my honours year in psychology at Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour Campus. I am contacting you today to invite you to take part in an exciting research project. This research project involves identifying whether participants playing the video game FIFA 20 are able to experience flow. Flow is a psychological construct characterised by heightened immersion, enjoyment and concentration. The results from this research will help further our knowledge of flow as a psychological construct, as well as inform future research on studying flow in sports-based video games.

If you are between the ages of 18 to 69 and own the game FIFA20 and a compatible console (such as a PlayStation or Xbox) then you are warmly encouraged to participate.

The experiment itself will involve participants completing an online questionnaire via Qualtrics after playing FIFA20. This online survey includes flow questionnaires and performance statistics. Following this, participants who experienced flow may be invited to take part in an optional interview to further discuss their in-game experiences.

If you would like to participate, complete the survey following your most recent session of FIFA20.

Survey Link:

If you wish to make any further enquiries regarding this research, please contact myself at the following email address: <>(

Please note that participation in this study is completely voluntary and all results will be kept anonymous and confidential.


Jack Fay

Principal Researcher

School of Health and Human Sciences

Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour

Email: <>(

Principal Supervisor:

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Dr Christian Swann

Acting Group Lead: Science

School of Health and Human Sciences

Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour

Email: <>(


Dr Kyle Bennett

Lecturer (ESSAM, AES, ASpS1)

Sport and Exercise Science

School of Health and Human Sciences

Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour

Email: <>(

Ethical Conduct

This research has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of Southern Cross University, Approval number Protocol No: 2020/097.


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