Fundamentals are more important than new game

Content of the article: "Fundamentals are more important than new game"

Something I find interesting in the lead up to a new FIFA game is people wanting to know the new features or skill moves to bring into their game in the next edition of FIFA.

I have found though that all of these extras and new features really only count for maybe an extra 10-20% on top of someone's existing skill level. The vast majority of players should be focusing on getting better at the fundamentals of FIFA than wanting to learn the new game skills and META and you can do this right now in FIFA 20.

I'm not saying don't play in alignment with the META but regardless there are core skills everyone should be trying to master in their game.

Yeah, FIFA changes from year to year but for the most part the fundamentals of the game stay the same. A lot of the top players and professional players are continually able to carry on amongst the top 0.1% of the playerbase each FIFA for this reason.

I was thinking we could use this thread to provide some core FIFA tips that you've used throughout the years.

I'll start it off, for me I find these tips most important.

  • Focus on safe passes. I always aim for 90%+ pass accuracy during the game, if the opponent doesn't have the ball then they can't score. Especially when you're 1-0 up, no need to risk the plays.
  • Focus on safe tackles. I'm guilty of this one, spamming the tackle button a lot. I find sprinting then strafing around the opponent and letting them run into me is far more effective. I only ever tackle if I'm 100% sure I'm getting the ball or as a last ditch attempt to block a shot or pass.
  • Focus on patterns. If you have a formation you use often then look at the triangles, or the one-twos you can use and repeat game after game.
  • Focus on the space and not the ball, pretty self-explanatory. Look for where the opponent will play the ball into rather than where the ball is.
  • Right-stick switching. Obvious one but you shouldn't be relying on L1.
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