FUT Birthday Inaki Williams and Leroy Sane Review

As I played some Rivals in preparation for this week’s FUT Birthday Promo, I knew that I needed a new striker. And with this promo, two emerged as potential candidates. Stuck between deciding who to go for, I said the hell with it and went with both, changing up my tactics and formation in the process.

I used both players as Strike partners in a 4-1-2-1-2(2) with Williams as my Left Striker and Sane as my Right Striker (PIM Nedved played as CAM to give you an idea of who was also feeding them). Both players were set to “Balanced Width”, “Stay Forward”, and “Get in Behind” instructions. I also played them as a ST/CF in a 4-4-1-1 and as a ST/RW in a 4-3-3(2), but ultimately felt they were better as duo Strikers. Please note that I did RQ some of my games due to gameplay and frustration, so although it affected their stats, it didn’t affect my ratings of them.

FUT Birthday Iñaki Williams (Finisher) — 28 Games Played, 29 Goals, 19 Assists

Pace – 10/10

Man is fast. 1-2s with him are a breeze as he is able to run by most defenders (FBs at CB really suck but he did well once he was in behind).

Shooting – 9/10

Easily the biggest thing I like most about him. The upgrade from a 2 star to 4 star weak foot allowed me to be more unpredictable and comfortable shooting with either foot. He did miss some sitters for me (possibly due to user error when it came to shot power), but overall, he did very well with his positioning and finishing, and has justified his place in my team.

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Dribbling – 9/10

He already had 4 star skill moves, but the added star helps with inside the box turns. A quick McGeady spin and boom! Easy goal! His agility and balance felt really good as well, although his balance isn’t much different from his regular gold. As someone who didn’t use his Rulebreakers, this version of him felt very very fun to use.

Passing – 8/10

Maybe the most underrated part of this card that truly surprised me was his passing. Although a lot of his passes were 1-2s with Sane, he also made some incredible through ball passes to players out wide as forward to my CAM as well. However, he was inconsistent in some games, which leaves more to be desired for sure. I think a 9 would be too high of a rating because of it, but I was still impressed nonetheless.

Defending – N/A

He’s a forward, so the only thing to make note of is his heading accuracy. He scored 3 headers in the games that I played. It’s not incredible, but given that headers are inconsistent with me, I see this an as absolute win.

Physical – 9/10

Man is strong. Added that he has pace, jumping, AND can last the full 90 minutes plus ET, physical is there. He will get bodied by a smaller player here and there on a 50/50, but he is very good at shielding the ball when a defender is on him, which really helped on 1v1s so that he could finish with ease.

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Overall — 9/10

FUT Birthday Leroy Sane (Marksman) — 28 Games Played, 32 Goals, 21 Assists

Pace – 10/10

Again — man is fast. Like with Williams, 1-2s were easy, FBs at CB were a bitch. But once behind, there was no catching him.

Shooting – 10/10

He. Does. Not. Miss. The 5 star weak foot upgrade is HUGE. Finesse on the left or right or just put his boot through it, he is incredible. More clinical than Williams for sure, and just seemed to be in more natural positions to be able to finish with ease. It reminds me of his card from last year (?) that had the 4 star combo. Very clinical and easily turned into one of my favorite strikers.

Dribbling – 9/10

+5 agility and +13 balance compared to Williams was noticeable. Still smooth, but not like a Neymar, Mbappe, etc. — but he can turn quickly in the box to shoot on either foot, which is what I liked most about him.

Passing – 8/10

Similarly to Williams, his passing is underrated but not incredible. His overall passing is better that what I’ve used before, though, and was great at assisting on 1-2s and some through balls. His solid short passing stat is a huge benefit to making that happen.

Defending – N/A

Not really a factory where he plays, but has made some weird tackles to get the ball back from CBs to get easy goals.

Physical – 7/10

He can last a full 90 plus ET, but everything else is pretty meh. His strength has come into play when holding off defenders once he’s behind the backline, but not too much else to really write home about. Even with the bonus that the Marksman chem gives to jumping and strength, it didn’t seem very significant.

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Overall — 9/10

Of the two players, I’m happy to be able to use both this weekend. While I lost a considerable amount of coins on them, I’m okay with that knowing that I had arguably my best weekend using this attack. It was a lot of fun and I would honestly recommend either of them to anyone who is looking for a clinical striker to lead their attack.

I’m on mobile writing these reviews, so sorry for any potential formatting issues.


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