FUT BIRTHDAY Marco Reus Review (tad bit late I know)

Oh my word, this man has been and is still the absolute GOAT on FIFA. Ever since I started playing FUT back in fifa 14, I’ve needed to have him in the team. This year although I started FUT only in March, I’ve been blessed with this special card and here is the review.

STATS:(All games in Div 1 rivals and FUT Champs)

Chem Style: Hunter Games-229 Goals-393 Assists-85

Firstly I must say I use hunter purely because my gameplay is horrendously slow and even if I were to dribble with TOTY Messi I wouldn’t be able to turn. So I’ve had to adapt to play with pace a bit more. Sorry 🙁 I also use him in either a 4312 or a 5212 (depending on the opponent) and believe it or not 5212 is the better attacking formation.

Pace: 9.7/10 The man is rapid. Just so darn quick. But of course no match for someone like mbappe, that man has the pace of PIM roadrunner.

Shooting: 9.8/10 The man just bangs them in left right and center. He’s so freaking good. His finesse shots are godly and his power shots, even more so. Does very rarely miss simpler chances but I think that’s prob due to button delay on my end.

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Dribbling: 9.4/10 The man manipulates the ball so beautifully. The amount of goals I’ve scored by just giving him the ball from corners and dribbling my way past an army of defenders is just ridiculous. I’m not much of a skiller but boy does he pull off his scoop turns and mcgeady spins rapidly. He’s not quite Messi or neymar but he’s the next best thing.

Passing: 9/10 This game’s passing is thrash literally anyone can play 80 yard through balls perfectly and this man is the same. He does so with more consistency and most and that’s all you can ask for.

Defending: N/A

Physical: 8.8/10 This man has the legs to run the full 90, as long as you’re not completely abusing that through ball meta every 2 mins. The thing that stands out to me though is his strength. He just has that ability to hold off defenders (even varane sometimes). He also has that glitchy feel to him where he keeps getting the ball back from defenders. Very very nice and probably the key differentiating factor from neymar.


Genuinely a god, nothing else to say really. I hope all of you actually did the SBC and are reaping the rewards. This man almost single handedly carried me to Elite this week in WL, arguably the biggest sweat fest since the dawn of time.

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Hope you guys liked the review and please let me know how you guys have got on with Reus too. Good luck and Love to you all ❤️


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