G2 WL, icon reviews from someone with way more coins than skill.


Team, 4222 in game

Hello guys,

Decided to do some reviews for the players in my team..

As per title, I am mediocre at the game with my highest finish being G1 twice, mostly finishing G3 with some games to spare. I prefer to trade and spend coins on players that are not necessarily worth it, but for me.. icons > other cards because of sentimental value and uniqueness.

94 Ronaldo: R ST (34G, 23A)

Very fast, agile, strong, glitchy player. His shots can break the net. Clutched quite a few games for me, but the finishing can sometimes be a bit off. I haven't really noticed what people are complaining about – the fact he tends to disappear from the games. No issues with balance either. He was constantly on the ball, getting involved in play. Passing is not ideal, more like a hit or miss. Managed a few of those.. 'holy shit I didn't even want to do that pass, but what an assist that was..'. Easy to notice his pace drop towards the end of the game, needs replacing 60-70min into the game unless ahead and comfortable. I would say.. nice to try him, but not worth the coins. 9/10

94 Ronaldinho: L ST (33G, 21A)

Second WL with my all time favourite player. Silkiest player I've ever used. His left stick dribbling is like an angel touching you seductively. He often glides through defenders, dropping a shoulder and skipping past them, unique animations everywhere. There's no describing the things he does, and that's only a bit biased. Even faster than R9 in my opinion, skills are rapid, passing is immense, ponytail is waving. Nothing else to ask for. 10/10

96 POTM Messi R CAM (8G, 11A)

Let me preface that playing 4-2-2-2 is all nice and fancy, but getting CAMs to do anything offensive is a pain. There's 0 attacking AI and it shows. Even this Messi can't break this barrier and I am rating him based on this position only. I think he plays very close to the real life Messi, sits deeper, can dribble through a few guys and play a decent pass. But even if you hold R1 he will only go forward a bit and then when you play a through ball he decides to stop more often than not resulting in the ball going nowhere. His 99 passing stats are a complete lie IMO, as I felt really uncomfortable playing risky passes with him. His finesse shots were okay, he has the whip and can place the ball nicely into the corners. He's swift with the stick, but can't compare with Dinho. I think he ended up being subbed out in more games than he finished for me. I completed him knowing he will only play CAM, and judging by how he plays.. I wish I didn't do him. 5/10

90 Gullit L CDM (6G, 7A)

2nd year with the mop in my team. I have not used Vieira or Desailly or Blanc so cannot compare the big tanks, but jesus christ.. He is everywhere. You can lose the ball in the enemy's third and then recover the ball in your penalty with him and he will still have stamina to go back forward. Pings passes with either foot, defends with his 2 metre long legs in whatever way you want, finesses shots from outside the box. There is just no replacing him. If you can afford him, he should be in your team. 10/10

92 Roberto Carlos LB (1G, 2A)

Both the LB and RB rarely go forward for me, because my defensive skills are meh and I'd rather have 4 defending than 2 to maximize my chances. Hard to review this guy properly, as he is 80% wasted in the role I play him in. He is fast, that's for sure. Never misplaced a ball from build-up, you can easily Xavi the balls to any part of the pitch. I don't recall him making any major mistakes defensively, just one or two small hiccups. The two assists came from absolute torpedoes from the wing with his left foot straight into R9. The goal? Casual outside the box finesse. Attempted a few outside foot free kicks from like 30 metres for a laugh – all on target. Would probably play him LM, LW or CM if there was space. 9/10

92 Lahm RB (0G, 1A)

Same as above, although worse offensive stats than RC, I did not really test his stats properly. I believe out of about 5 crosses, 5 went into the keeper. Did not matter if I crossed early or standing still next to the corner flag, they were not accurate. Passing was fine, felt pretty comfortable with distributing the ball. I took him instead of Zambrotta, as I thought the height difference will be beneficial in how he dribbles. That was true, he is fast when turning and all that, however the lack of height did cost me a goal and a game, as he got outjumped a few times. Defensively.. he does what you expect him to, but don't count on him shoving anybody out of the way. 7/10

92 Maldini CB (0G, 0A)

Can't compare with any other big guns in the CB position, as he is the only expensive one I've used. Does what you would expect, no mistakes, wins headers, pushes strikers to the side. Might have an issue catching up to faster players, but if you track the run, he will stick to them. Very solid choice. 9/10

96 De Bruyne (Bench -> CAM)

There's a reason why a TOTY is on the bench. As bad as it sounds, I wish I packed any other one. I really tried to fit him in many main teams – ST/CAM/CM/CDM. He just does not play up to his stats. Any of the face stats. His shooting is inconsistent, can whip an absolute screamer to then miss 3 easy shots. Passing is similar to Messi I suppose.. for the most part okay, but don't be surprised if he gives it to the other team. Pace, even with a boosting chem style is not impressive either. 5/10

  • I am not going to post one for Robben or Vidal, as they're both expired, and there's plenty of reviews already.
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Hope you enjoyed the read! Cannot wait for the next weekend where I choke G1 again 🙂


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