Hello everyone. I would like to thank the community here for helping me finished up the chapter. Few post that I found out very helpful. I did not take all the advices from a single post. I combined maybe from 2 or 3 posts i found here.


  1. Never ever feel down after each failure. Keep in mind there are people that have already completed it. So you can do it. Just a matter of time. You do not need to rush it. The main obstacle is actually the LVL since it is not under your control.
  2. Do not rush/sprint your players to get the ball. (got this tips from here)
  3. Do not use 2nd def.(got this tips from here)
  4. Your biggest enemy is the referee. even a slight touch will benefit the opponent. If the opponent sweeps your leg, nothing happened. if the enemy pushes you, nothing happened. Be careful on how you try to win the ball.
  5. Next enemy is game time. I will never stop for any foul, throw in etc. This may really affects you in Soton game since you have 25 mins to get at least 3 goals.
  6. Never forget you have OT and PK. This helped me on the last match. The requirements are score 2 goals with attackers 1 goal with mid and 75 passes. I won against them tons of times but failed on the 75 passing. On my last attempt, I accidentally drew the match, since i forgot about the OT. And I also forgot who scored my goals since I keep changing formation. So the 2 halves of the OT i ended up passing the balls. And PK saves me on the att and mid requirements. close to 20 i guess maybe 18-17. By this scores surely 2 att and 1 mid have scored for you.
  7. IT IS OKAY TO LOSE. You can learn how the pattern/style of attack of the opponents. As example, Spurs will attack from the sides, with son and moura. sometimes they will just cross from nowhere and kane will get to the ball since our CBs are slow. if chelsea is not your main team and you use base ovr players. you may need to use 5 atb to help you deal with the wings.
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Next i will share how i win the game for each hard games. Mostly, you try to get corners. This is helpful if no specific position goals needed. All except Boro.

How to get corners? i use werner gullit and zola on the lw and rw. bring the ball to near the line if possible try to squeeze in the box. Once you entered the box 2 players will approached you. just hit one of the you will get corners. Also refer to post that gives "must player in your lineup".zouma, zola,abraham,kante…thiago i think..abraham, zouma and thiago will help you score with headers. One player suggesting to use thiago as ST and zola cross to him. But i never scored from crossing.

SOTON – you just need 5 chelsea players. so use your best 6 players to win this. may use corner tips. i won with 424 formation.

UNITED – i scored 4 headers from corners. i used 5 2 2 1

SPURS – use appropriate formation. get your 3 goals and pass until end of game. i used 424

BORO – if you cannot win in regular time bring it to OT and PK. i used 424.

The hardest game always the SOTON one. Danny ings was like the beast in the game. opportunist, fast and no words to describe him.more than a week i played this match.

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Players i used mendy 84,kante gullit 94, zouma ucl 86, thiago toty 88, musonda base rm 80, pulisic base lw 85, kovacic toty 86, abraham lunar 90, zola, werner gullit 88, ziyech gullit rw 87.

The most non chelsea i used was mbappe toty and blanc (put at rb).i never used bailey .

Sorry for the long post. hope this helps any of you that struggling out there.


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