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Hey everyone, like last month I came up with an article on reviewing the current batch of Icons. As everyone is possibly hyped with the current crop of Icons, take a moment in reading at the last batch and decide whether you guys still would like to opt for the legends or hold back. Furthermore, you can decide on which position and gameplay style can bring the best out of them as well. Here is the link to the complete article I’ll also share the reviews in a “short” summary. Hope it helps!

  • Nakata – The skill boost is a huge downside, but if you managed to get the previous Icon Maradona, the 2 CAMs here will make a dangerous duo. If you need a good placeholder at CAM, Nakata is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want an advanced attacking midfielder with better stats, you will find a lot of cheaper options on the market.

  • Vieri – The Target Man boost, paired with the high heading stats and topped with the power header trait, makes Vieri perfect for the Target Man role. He will guarantee a decent amount of goals each round. The only issue here is that you will find a ton of better and cheaper Target Man players from the market.

  • Pires- Pires’ smooth movement combined with the powerful shot makes this a very good card for VSA. If you are the kind of player that pushes down the wing with pace, Pires is probably not your ideal choice. You will find him more successful as a wide playmaker.

  • Trezeguet – High strength and shooting make Trezeguet a powerful forward in VSA. The agility stats will also help out in movement. The traits will also be helpful for multiple playstyles as well. But you will find tons and tons of better replacements in the market.

  • Koeman – This is one very, very unusual card. Although a CB, this card has all stats 80+. It is perfectly well rounded in every aspect. It is highly unusual or an 89 CB to have 93 shooting but then he is the highest-scoring defender of all time, second only to Ramos! You can deploy him in a back 3, use him in defensive mid or your defensively-minded center mid at any place. He is one of the best utility and versatile cards at the moment.

  • Guardiola – This is one of the more versatile CDMs as it can play either full defensive or as a deep-lying playmaker. Overall, this is a pretty half-decent card to have in your team. In H2H, you will be able to utilize Guardiola's passing speciality. He plays best as a deep-lying playmaker.

  • Van Der Sar – There really is nothing special about this card, with his diving boost he can stretch some insane saves at times. And at this late stage in the game, you'll find a ton of goalkeepers that are better.

  • Hristo Stoichkov– Although a little slow, Stoichkov packs a punch through his insane shooting. This is only made better through the skill boost. Shoot from anywhere and you should expect it to go in. This combined with the relatively decent strength stats makes Stoichkov a beast of a player in VSA.

  • Andrae Pirlo– Despite his high stats in passing and agility, he is slow and weak, which isn't a good combination. The card's long shots and shot power are both pretty high, so Pirlo can hit screamers. Just remember to stay on the outside, because he is very weak.

  • Carles Puyol – His defensive abilities will make him a threatening asset to your backline, but his low pace is easy to get past. Make sure to partner him up with another fast defender. Also, the lack of the power header trait makes Puyol's heading a little less effective.

  • Garrincha – The high shooting stats make this a lethal card in VSA, it will do just about everything it needs and more, the physical stats are low but Garrincha's long shots are good enough to ensure that you don't have to go close to the goal. Additionally, you can choose to play him as an RM and still manage to get the best out of him due to his attributes.

  • Pele – this Pele card is lethal in every aspect. You can run, dribble and shoot however you like. Regarded as one of the best of all time, Pele may as well be one of the best icons in the game right now. However, he doesn't exactly have a physical presence, if you could partner him up with a tall and strong striker, and then play Pele as the second striker, you will end up having a lethal attacking partnership.

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The players who will claim the icons are the ones who love making thematic squads or simply play with their idols and favorite players. There are better and cheaper alternatives Just if the game had released Icons during Lunar at least many of us would have lovingly considered using 85 and 87 rated cards in our squads. Now the elites are just becoming outdated with masters flooding the market. It’s all about picking the Icons because you love them not because EA made them Iconic. Read the article in the link attached and join in for the discussion.


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