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Hey everyone, like last month I came up with an article on reviewing the current batch of Icons. AS everyone is possibly hyped with the current crop of Icons, take a moment in reading at the last batch and decide whether you guys still would like to opt for the legends or hold back. Furthermore, you can decide on which position and gameplay style can bring the best out of them as well. Here is the link to the complete article. I’ll also share the reviews in a “short” summary. Hope it helps!


As an attacking-minded CAM, you will find Deco in position for the shot for quite a few chances. Fortunately, he has the shooting to score you some goals. He is very weak though, with some very low physical stats, but other than that, this is a good card for VSA and a great playmaker in H2H.


He is a strong shooter, which is perfect for VSA. He has the strength to push forward and the finishing touch for the goals. On the other hand, he is just too slow for H2H, and thus he won't perform well. If you really want him though, make sure to partner him with a pacy striker.

Roy Keane

In defense, this card performs really well. It has some great defensive stats, making him a pain to come up against. He works best on his own, thus you should play him as the single CDM.


Defensive stats are great, Petit is a really annoying player to dribble past. However, with the high attacking work rate, you may find him appearing in chances. He is slow and he can't pass very well. It is recommended to play him as a fullback rather than as a wingback, but with the high attacking work rate, this will be difficult to do.

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With some very high attacking stats, Ballack is a certain threat in your VSA chances. His shooting is sufficient, CMs are not expected to come forward, but Ballack in your chances will not be a problem. With him being a very well-rounded midfielder, Ballack is a good option in H2H. Best played as a box-to-box midfielder, this card will be able to charge forward in attack and at the same time.

Roberto Carlos

His defending is amazing, he would certainly be a pain in VSA, but with his short height, he is relatively easy to get passed. Coming forward in attacking chances, Roberto Carlos should fair well there. Carlos’ work rate, pace, and defending is pretty beastly


If you could manage to grab both Zanetti and Roberto Carlos for your team, they will provide a threatening partnership, since they even have the same boost. For anyone looking to attack through the wingbacks, Zanetti is a good option. His good movement and distribution make him lethal as an attacking RB.

Del Piero

As a lone striker in VSA, Del Piero will finish off most if not all the chances you provide him with. The shooting really speaks for itself. Movement in-game is also fluid and Del Piero is nice and quick on the turn as well.


The card's pace is what drops down his quality the most. He is just too slow at this stage in the game. However, with the marking boost, his defensive performance is improved a lot. The Power Header trait is a great addition, he does have some pretty good heading abilities.

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This card plays almost as a second striker, taking a lot of chances and usually having them finished. The long shots boost is obviously great and all his attacking stats are very good. Like in VSA, Ronaldinho will also perform great in H2H with greatly dribbling.

Van Basten

As a good quality striker, Van Basten will get the job done with efficiency in VSA. Expect goals coming from his side as his insane shooting should blow you away. . The pace and the shooting are all you need with this man, and he will perform great. The acceleration boost will only make his speed even more damaging to your opponent.


The stats itself prove that this is a lethal CM coming forward. Although not the best, Zidane carries some impressive shooting stats which will certainly help you to score goals. Unlike in VSA, Zidane shines most in H2H. Here, his passing and agility stats come into play, this is where he performs best. He will play best as a central midfielder, controlling the game. With a popular skill boost, Zidane is a very good choice to have in your team.

Such a shame then that we only get these grindable icons with great stats after so many of us have claimed Prime Zidane or UCL Davies or Aouar or Rooney or UTOTS Henderson etc etc etc etc etc. and we’re in the middle of a market crash where you can buy wingers with 140 dribbling or strikers with 140 finishing for under 10m. There are better and cheaper alternatives. We will still see tons and tons of Sancho and Reus/Bruno in Division Rivals simply because, EA thought of making them meta and superior to the Icons. Just if the game had released Icons during Lunar at least many of us would have lovingly considered using 85 and 87 rated cards in our squads. Good timing EA.

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It’s all about picking the Icons because you love them not because EA made them Iconic. Read the article in the link attached and join in for the discussion.


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