GuideHow to maximize ranks in the top prospects event

Content of the article: "GuideHow to maximize ranks in the top prospects event"

This guide is primarily for newer players or players who have very little ranks on their team(~7 average or below) and want to use this event to maximize the ranks of their players. The reward players in this event are all rank 10 or above, so they can raise your overall significantly if you are behind on ranks.

If you are looking to maximize ranks, and do not care at all about what players you obtain, this would be the optimal way to maximize your rewards:

First, you would acquire your choice 1 point and use it on any player, then start on the second path and get a second choice 1 point, using it on a second player(Note: one of these players should be the Goalkeeper if your goalkeeper is not already rank 10, as goalkeeper ranks are the most difficult to acquire). As this guide is a little late, most players are probably already past this point and almost at choice point 2, this is perfectly fine, just make sure to go back and start the second path after you have acquired choice point 2(or right away).

Once you have acquired both choice point 1s, you should then buy both 99 players from after the first part of the path, this will give you two more players that are rank 10 that you can rank transfer to your own players.

Once you have bought both 99 players, you should then go up a single path to acquire a choice 2 point, which can be used on any 100 player(there is no difference between the players if all you want is a rank 11 player) Then you will go up the other path to get your second choice 2 point, and redeem it for a second 100 player who is also rank 11. You will then use the rest of your points to buy as many 104 players you can(0-2) depending on if you play skill games or VSA/H2H, and also depending on how many coin packs you buy. If you buy both 104 players and still have extra points, just go up 1 of the paths until you run out of points.

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This will get you at least 6 players rank 10 and above(4 rank 10 and 2 rank 11) if depending on how many more points you have you may be able to get 2 more rank 11 players. If your team had absolutely no ranks and you managed to get all 8 of these players, your overall would go up by 16!

TL;DR Go up both paths until the first choice point, buy both 99s, go up both paths until the second choice point and buy any 104s you can afford to maximize your player rewards with 10+ ranks.


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