Happy Fathers Day to Me!! First Gold 2 and my teenage boy won the Pen Shootout for Win 17!

Wow!! I am ecstatic right now. I never thought I could get over the "Gold 3 hump". Coming into today I was on 13W with 9 left. My family had family activities. My only request for my son was to let me get Gold 3. I proceeded to eventually get that win with 7 games left.

We share the XBOX and I normally would give it to him. "DAD, GO FOR GOLD 2!!" Unbelievable, but every time I go beyond win 14, I never get there. 2 horrowing wins later… I may have been down in both and realized that "Team Press" can be useful in the 2H at keeping opponents from holding the ball.

So needing 1 win with 4 games left. First game, DC in minute 5.

Game 2… come up against Thiery Henry and GK Icon Schmeicel. Henry gets an early PK off a yellow from my Gold Nauer. Later in the 1H I win a random pen… hit it with Kostic.

In half two, he pulls ahead 2-1. His Schmeicel is saving many chances… my shots were 13 with 12 on goal at the end. 83rd minute Timo TOTS takes a through ball a little wide and kicks it past Schmeicel!!! Neither of us score in ET.

I give the controller to my boy… this is our tradition. He comes into our 4th up 2-1… but he misses. Final PK he makes the save on Perisic. We celebrate with the team on-screen from our living room.

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So many tips on here helped me get better at this game… no, not the elite meta dragback elite level… but being patient, more clinical… not pushing things too much in the attack.

Used a Bundes team with TOTS Lewa and Werner and a Spanish team with Adaruiz up front for half the games.

I have a lot of fun playing this game…


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