Have we finally reached the point where zero footballing/tactical knowledge is required to be successful at Fifa?

To start with, (a real pet peeve of mine) the majority of formations and the knowledge/ability to utilise them in game are irrelevant- since it’s incredibly difficult to create chances or defend, despite how viable it may be in real life. You can do well if you’re a good player generally; but you’re guaranteed to lose far more games overall using anything other than the most ‘meta’ formations that allows for the most exploitation of in game mechanics.

This exploitation ranges from skill moves which make your defenders lunge/move with zero input on your behalf, making your positioning and defending ability meaningless. To in game tactics such as team press/constant pressure, which visibly alter your players performance the moment the opposing player activates it. Now, combined with the awful adjustments to passing this year, its nearly impossible at times to play out from the back.

Additionally (another key frustration of mine), is the narrow minded approach to attacking, that we see get restricted further every year. I don’t remember playing an edition of fifa, where the ways of scoring have become so singular that entire styles of play have been eradicated from the game. For instance, aerial play with target men strikers. As much as people would like to play with legendary players like Klose competitively and utilise crossing to score headers effectively, the fact is, it’s simply impossible. As a Chelsea fan; I’ve watched my club play this year with the likes of Giroud and Zouma, and have been tempered to log into Fifa and bang some headers in from crosses and set pieces to replicate them – then realised I can’t… because it’s not possible to play a football game like football in real life.

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Furthermore, the necessity of build up play has also pretty much been eradicated. In order to create multiple goal scoring opportunities, all you require is the Y/Triangle button to perform a through ball. Spamming the ball upfront and sprinting back and forth across the pitch for a full 90 minutes without players getting tired is seen as the norm. There’s no need whatsoever to build up play slowly, utilise the wings, attack the space to create openings in defence, pull players out of position by creating runs or even create time on the edge of the box for a cross. One lucky throughball/bounce/RNG and you’ve scored – and the opposing player can do nothing to stop it.

As such, the entire category of playmakers/ technical players has been made irrelevant. Even from day 1 release, the likes of David Silva and Kroos etc would never be seen in peoples squads, because a 79 Sissoko would do a better job across the board – despite being a poor passer of the ball, having terrible dribbling, low composure and reactions, and terrible shooting stats.

Tldr: FIFA =x= Football ?

Edit: apparently people have seemed to miss the entire point of the post, I thought it was very obvious. But anyway, I’ll clarify: You can’t play football how you like in terms of gameplay styles, you’re forced into playing certain ways, using certain players and formations in order to win and be successful.

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