Honest Busquets review

I got Busquets as he links to POTM Messi and I needed a CDM in order to move TAA into CM. I tried him in a few positions and this is my verdict.

CB in a 4atb : absolute trash

LCB in 3atb/5atb : not bad, gets the job done

CDM in 41212(2)/352 : fantastic

I used this card for around 50 games in div 2 and initially I hated him because I was using him at CB and he got burned so much against neymar/mbappe. I used a shadow at the time and I can tell you that the 80 pace is a straight up lie. Also he didn't feel as strong as the 83 physical suggests. I'm not sure why because 87 Fer with 81pace+shadow feels way way faster than him. So if you're gonna do this card to use him as a CB in a 4atb please don't do it. In a 3atb he was okay though since my other 2 CBs were fast enough to cover for him.

I decided to move him to CDM and switch Fer into CB and this is where he really shines. I also applied an anchor on him since pace isn't too important in this position. At CDM he was so good at reading the game and he cut out so many dangerous passes, and with an anchor on he made much stronger tackles too. And one thing that makes him stand out here is his 95 composure and good passing. With most CDMs I used they were great at winning the ball back but they shit themselves when I need to make forward passes. Busquets makes so many calm pinpoint passes after winning the ball back, which is very important especially when the opponent starts pressuring me more and more late into the game.

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I think many of the bad reviews are due to people trying him at CB or trying to use him as a Kante esque player. He really plays like himself in real life and is great as a ball playing CDM.

The most similar player I'd say he feels like is Fabinho if you have used him. If you need a Messi Link to play in the CDM position I'd highly recommend him. But if you are looking for someone who plays like Kante/Vieira this is not the player for you.


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