Honest Saka Review from an Arsenal Fan

Haven't seen a review from anyone here, and I packed and used him for 38 games over the weekend. 22 games of D1 Rivals, 16 games of Weekend League. I played him up top for most games next to 2if Neymar, and as he's sitting at 600k more than him, a lot of my ratings will be comparing the two.

38 games/29 goals/20 assists

I tried him with multiple chemistry styles, mostly played with Marksman but tried Finisher for a bit as well.

Pace: 9/10 – He's quick, but I found that he wasn't actually lightening fast. It was maybe 70/30 or better whether he could out pace a defender ahead when chasing a ball.

Shooting: 7/10 – This is the biggest issue I had with the card; although he gets into excellent positions, he was missing some absolute sitters at times. He doesn't have finesse trait and unlike Kulusevski, it really shows when you try to hit one. His shooting just isn't anywhere near Neymar, who's 600k less. Still very good, but not elite.

Passing: 7.5/10 – It's fine. He's not prime Ozil or KDB, but it's definitely decent, and because I used him as a striker I'm not sure I majorly tested his passing ability.

Dribbling: 9.5/10 – The dribbling is absolutely nuts. His left stick is very smooth, and he has a little bit of the stickiness that makes really high level cards get through situations that they just shouldn't. I don't think he has custom animations particularly, if he did this would be a 10. Really felt like a top level card on the ball.

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Defending N/A

Physical: 8/10 – Decent physically, wasn't getting bullied off the ball very often but occasionally he would get outmuscled. Much better than mid Kaka who I use at LCAM but not as strong as RCAM Kulusevski. Neymar seems to keep the ball a little bit better but I'm not sure that's down to physical rather than Neymar being Neymar.

Overall: 8.5

A very good card that will work as a striker or RW, that feels excellent on the ball but is let down by his finishing. It was really cool to get to use a high rated Saka card as an Arsenal fan, but I don't think he's good value if you need to improve your team. A fun card, just not the best value for coins at 2.3m on Xbox.


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