How can you not get frustrated by this game, just how?

Content of the article: "How can you not get frustrated by this game, just how?"

Look at this short clip please. This is fifa 20 in a f*cking nutshell. First of all, the kits. How tf is white-black seen as red? First cause of frustration.

Second of all, the clip. My Sissoko is first to the ball, clearly. No, Son first, because the game wants so. Then, the ball gets to my Ndidi, after the player PRESSES THE WRONG BUTTON (important). Absolutely no time to react though, to do nothing, because Son auto tackles him in an instant, best tackle possible. Just look at the animation, he "goes into" Ndidi, no fault, but instead a very good tackle. And then, the cherry on the f*cking top of this sequence, the player ACTUALLY DOES A BAD PASS (again an important mistake), yet the ball GETS INSTANTLY BACK TO SON AGAIN.

30 sec later, you know it, Son scored, I swear it to you :). The guy won 2-1 in the end, with 4 total shots, while I had 8. His keeper and defenders saved everything. this is unimportant in a way. But this sequence, this mother f*cking sequence shows so many wrong this about this game. The pacey attackers are the best tacklers in-game, and not only that, they're the best "rebounders" ever seen. The ball gets to them so many times after they get tackled.

Read more:  rant I have been playing Fifa, PES and other games since 1998 and FUT mobile H2H is by far the worst 'football' game I've ever played. It's frankly embarrassing that a multi million dollar video game company would be ok with such a laggy, bugged game where players just bump into each other.

Some glitchy animation happens for 0.5 seconds, and they're back to the ball, the player gets into the perfect position, presses the "shoot" button, scores, he thinks he's the best. Like c'mon, how to not get annoyed about this game, lag or not, DDA or not, this game just has so much bullsh*t in it, it's unjustifiable in ANY WAY you view it. Anyone who talks about "skill-gap", is probably one of those "Son users" that benefit so much from the AI/pace/glitches.

Please, if you're not an elite player at least, stop fcking spitting sht about the "skill gap", when stuff like this happens so very often, in this 50 % skill 50 % rigged/glitched game.


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