How i Got Elite 2 Without Learning any Broken Skills, Playing Attacking and Suffocating Football

I am a 2400Sr player who finished 25-5 last weekend without using the elastico, stepovers, la crouqeta, any sort of skill cancel, the normal bridge and the directional nutmeg bridge. It felt really good beating guys(or girls) whos entire gameplay depended on these skills, using smart custom tactics and imposing your game style on these guys.

I'll be honest, I tried to learn the elastico once but it never felt natural, i always tell myself i have to learn skill moves to be better but i never care enough to learn them. However, there are some skill moves that i feel every FIFA player NEEDS to know. I say this because i feel they're super easy to do and super effective. The first one is the ball roll, i hope everyone has already integrated this into their game. It's so easy and it helps you give control of the ball. The running scoop turn that 5* skillers can do. This is probably the skill move i do the most and i love it. Heres an extreme example of it. I was up 4-0 and i usually mess around with the scoop turn but it's a super good way to get past a defender. Another thing i love doing is a scoop turn or a fake shot turn immediately after i receive the ball. I honestly think this makes you so much better. Being unpredictable from the second you receive the ball makes you a dangerous threat.This is an example of it. The defender will always expect you to keep running in the same direction, having a fake shot ready before you get the ball will give you open space 9/10 times. Another thing i do is the directional nutmeg, no not that one. I literally use the directional nutmeg to nutmeg my opponents when my back is facing them. I have barely ever seen people use this move in this way. This is an example of how i use it. As you can see, if a player is running towards you and doesn't press tackle, it will ALWAYS meg them or just go past their body. I use this move mostly in defence. For my tactics ( which i will explain later) often times all my players are running away from my defenders and the directional nutmeg is something i use to get open space. I know exactly how to do the bridge directional but refuse to integrate it into my game , i refuse to learn things like the bridge, the directional bridge, shot cancels because EA could decide to nerf them at any time and that is why i decided to base my game around the foundational aspects of the game: My formation, tactics, passing and defending.

I loved the way Barca played vs PSG in the second leg ( sorry PSG fans) when they won 6-1. I wanted to replicate Barcas play-style from that day. I always remembered the way they played suffocating football. So i wanted to play exactly like that, every game. I knew if i could master that playstyle, every game i would be imposing MY play-style on the opposition.

I played 4-4-2(2) for a long time, but it was super boring and i found myself defending with my CDMS half the game and i didn't enjoy that. I decided I needed a new formation. 3-5-2 and 5-3-2 were both interesting formations, but 3-5-2 was good at attack but poor at defence and the 5-3-2 had too many holes in the midfield with the way i played. I decided on the 4-1-2-1-2(2). I like this formation because theres 2 strikers and a CAM, also i wanted a formation with no wingers because my fullbacks would play that role. I also liked this formation because the attacking and defensive formation of the players is exactly how i wanted.

Disclaimer: I have an elite team and that helps me win games, i always have amazing gameplay and barely every lag and that helps me win games.

Anyways, now i'll talk about the tactics i use and i'll be going in-depth with every single thing, i have posted my tactics before but i haven't explained exactly why i use every little thing specifically. This is my starting lineup and this is my in-game formation.

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Defensive Style: Press after possession loss, this helps me play the suffocating style i enjoy playing and this might arguably be the only "broken" mechanic i use because we know press after poss loss is op. Heres an example of the suffocating play i like. 5 players in the box and every single one wants to win the ball back, i could easily be countered from that situation but i'm giving the opponent no space, no time to get rid of the ball.

5 Width ( I just like 5 as a number) and 7 depth( 7-10 depth turns on auto offside trap and 7 is the most balanced imo, 10 depth i got countered too often.

Offensive Style: Long ball( i like long ball because your players seem to always make a run as apposed to fast buildup, where your players get stationary in my experience. 5 width again cause i like the number 5, 6 players in box because i like having lots of passing options, 2 in box for corners and free kicks.

Now onto the custom tactics and why i pick them ( i will only mention the things i CHANGE, if i don't mention something i probably left it the same).

For both your strikers, stay central, get in behind and stay forward. I like stay central because i end up with 6 or 7 players near the box, i like my strikers right in the middle of it. Get in behind is so they make smart runs and stay forward so they're ready for counters.

CAM: Stay forward and get into the box. Stay forward again for the 3 man counter with ST's and CAM. Get into box for smart runs into the box to move the opposition defence back. Heres an example. Notice how many players are running to push the opposition defence back and how many passing options i have.

RCM: Get forward, get into the box and cover wing. Get forward and get into box because this player will be attacking A LOT. He will make those smart late runs into the box which confuses the defence. Cover wing is really important for counter attacks. Your fullbacks will be caught in counter attacks in the RW and LW position so your two cms will have to cover for them and play the wings to stop counters. Heres an example. My RCM and my LCM combining to create a goal and it wouldn't have happened without get into the box for Kimmich as he makes a beautiful run inside.

LCM: this player is a little less attacking than the rcm. Balanced, get into box for cross and cover wing. Balanced because you want him to be moving around the box and be either the passer or on the end of a goal. This player is important when you're struggling to break down the opposition as he will make the late late late run into the box and often find himself unmarked.

CDM: This is a player that will NEVER be a factor in your attack, he's gonna spend most of the game right in the middle of the pitch waiting to aggressively stop a counter attack. Drop between defenders and conservative interceptions. Drop between defenders to stop him from helping the attack and conservative interceptions to keep him in a good position always.

Both Fullbacks: Balanced and Overlap. Don't let the balanced fool you, balanced in this context basically means they will ALWAYS attack. While attacking they will be making runs on the wings and it makes defending hard. Imagine trying to defend two strikers, a cam, 2 midfielders making a run down the middle AND a LW and RW making a deep run. Overlap because you want them on the outside of the box, enough players are in the box already. ( When i played vs high elo players i put both fullbacks on stay back. From games 20-30).

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CBs: Didn't touch anything.

Goalie: your preference, i like comes for crosses and sweeper keeper

This is how my team looks during attack. Trent and Cucu make runs down the wings, Kimmich and Lothar makes run into the box and Ney, Mbappe and Garrincha stay put.

This is how my team looks when I lose the ball. My CB's and CDM push back to get the ball back immediately, but my Lothar, Kimmich, Trent and Cucu get back for extra support on the counter

This is how my team looks when i defend. Nothing special.

I like these tactics because it imposes your play-style on the opponent. I'd rather get counter attacked all game than have an opponent who has 62 possession and passes around with his CMS and CDM's. These tactics force your opponent to counter attack, and that is often a bad way to play FIFA imo. You get SO many chances in attack because you have 6 or more players always making a run.

Now my tactics and formations help me out a lot, but there are other things that i have mastered that take me to the next level. The first is defending. This is arguably the best part about my game. Watch gameplay of all the elite players and one thing you'll see is how aggressive they are with their defenders. Right-stick player switching is super important, you have to be able to quickly switch to a different player to get the ball back. Sadly i don't have examples of this but often times when you're defending, the opposing player thinks of the player you're controlling as the main threat. If you can quickly switch between players and be aggressive your opponent will be under pressure and lose the ball. I barely ever slide tackle, i get close enough to the player with the ball and spam standing tackle and usually will get the ball back. Patience is the most important thing when you're defending. Aggressive does not mean rash challenges. If you take a defender out of position you HAVE to put him back. For example, some players, when facing a 2vs2, will pluck a defender out of position to be aggressive. The other player passes and then it turns into a 2vs1. If you want to play aggressive, you have to go into every challenge thinking about what happens if you lose the challenge so you can put your player back into position. You shouldn't be controlling your CB's unless its a mayday situation. Your CDM and Cms should be cutting off passing lanes and pressing your opponent. Defending is so important in this game. Don't forget to always jockey while you're defending. Don't be afraid to be aggressive. If you see a player running with a lot of space in front of him, chances are he's about to take a BIG touch because he sees the space. This is the perfect chance for you to switch into a player close to the ball and put in a 2 footed studs up challenge. Or just a normal tackle and get the ball back.

The second best part of my game is patience and passing. Passing is super good when you always have an option and you have the patience. This is very important advice. When you don't really do skills you need a way to get past the defence and quick passes is the perfect way. This is even MORE important advice. When you have the ball on the edge of the opponents box, i call that the danger area. This is when your opponent is on his heels and you have the edge and you're passing around the box STAYING in the danger area. That is one of the main differences between gold players and elite players. When i talk about patience play i don't mean passing back to the cdm, then cbs and keeping possession, thats just wasting time. You can play patient while still being a constant threat to your opponent by keeping the ball and passing it around in the danger area. A lot of times i'll play a gold or lower level player. They have me controlling my cbs and that is a threat. Once they realize i'm not giving them any space, they pass back to their cdms and keep the ball there. What you have to understand is every time you reset your attack, you are letting your opponent off the hook. These tactics aren't for 1-0 or 2-0 tight victories. These tactics are to suffocate your opponent, in defence and attack, and to win a football game in 45 minutes. Thats the aim. If a skiller can't break the opposition defence he'll start spamming skills. If you don't do many skills like me, you have to keep the ball in the danger area and pass, keep passing over and over. The more side to side you go the more spread out your opponent will be. Keep your opponent under pressure and do not pass back to your cdms to be more "patient". ( Sometimes i do pass back to my cdms and cbs, but at that point i'm often up 2 or 3 goals and playing it a little safer than 0-0 where im going for chance after chance. Passing is super important and in my opinion creates more space and chances than any skill move in the game. I spend half my games around the opposition defence, passing from Cms to strikers to wingbacks back to cams and it creates chances. Quick passes are important. Don't hold onto the ball for too long and just wait to tire out the opposition. Having the ball> not having the ball.

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Always keep your head in the game, don't rage. This game is stupid sometimes but it happens. You will not hit the rank you want if you're going to rage. You will lose games. I was 12-0, lost a game, d/c next game and lost again, i could've lost my head at 12-3 but i kept my cool and went to 23-3 and then to 25-5( Lost to someone who finished 30-0, gave away my last game).

The more you play the game the better you will get. Practice Fake shot turns, practice passing, practice being patient. So many times an opponent will message me after a game saying my patience was so annoying and thats a great compliment, because even my losing opponents can understand the different between boring possession play and patient passing plays around the box.

I hope none of what i said made me seem like an obnoxious guy who thinks he's the best player in the world. I just found something that works and wanted to share it. It was a great feeling when i went from 17-3 to 23-3 playing exclusively vs guys(or girls) who mastered a certain skill move. It was nice knowing that playing good football can actually help you win in a football game. Thanks for the read! hope this helps.


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