How to effectively grind League SBCs: Saudi League

I have recently been grinding league SBCs to complete the prime icon pack, and I decided to start with the Saudi Pro League, since it is one of the cheapest and easiest league SBCs to complete.


I have divided all the clubs into 4 seperate groups, Low Rated, Requires Only 4, Requires Golds and Expensive

Low Rated: Al Fateh, Al Hazem, Al Raed, Al Shabab, Al Taawoun, Al Wehda, Ettifaq FC

Requires Only 4: Abha Club, Al Adalah, Damac FC

High Rated: Al Ahli, Al Hilal, Al Ittihad, Al Nassr

Expensive: Al Fayha, Al Faisaly

Low Rated Group

For the clubs in this group, I just bid 150 coins on each player. If done right, a club can be done as cheap as 1,650 coins. However, some clubs require rare silvers for rating, which means that you will have to bid 250 coins.

This is how I get the players: I go on said club, and start from GK. Even if its BIN is 200 coins, I still bid 150 for the one closest to expiring. After, I move on to RB, CB, LB, CM, RM, LM and ST in that order. Obviously depends on the formation of said club too. Fateh, Hazem and Shabab all have 3-5-2 variations. Wehda has a 4-2-2-2. Ettifaq has 4-4-2. Taawoun and Raed have 4-3-3s with a lone CDM.

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IF the rating is too low, i try and bid on a silver for 150 from said club to boost the rating.

Wehda is the toughest out of this group imo. You require 1 CB or CAM, which are a tad bit expensive.

Estimated cost from completing this group: Around 12k

Highest Rated Group

Here you should bid on atleast 3 Golds from each club. The rest can be filled out with bronzes along with the odd silver if needed.

Estimated cost: Around 8.4k

Requires Only 4 Group

Here bid on 4 players from Abha, Adalah and Damac. Also bid on 1 gold and 1 silver for each team. The rest can be completed with bronzes.

Estimated cost: Around 5.4k

Expensive Group

You need atleast 1 striker and a LM or RM/RW for Fayha. These cost >3k. You can put a GK in the 2nd ST and a fullback for one of the wings.

sigh The saudi paderborn.

The 3 RMs, ST and GK can all be bid for 150 coins. You need all 3 CBs. Igor Rossi costs between 350-4k. The other 2 are >4k. Put one of them as LB. The RB costs between 7-13k. Now, I suggest getting the bronze CAM, who costs between 4-10k. Convert him to a CM and if needed, CDM. Thats around 5k in modifiers. And finally, you need a silver midfielder, costs between 10-20k.

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Estimated cost: 50.8k



You now have a player pick. Personally I would take Al Soma since hes 90 rated and good fodder for prime icon sbc.


The fun part.

Now with alot of special cards in packs, there is a bigger chance than usual of you packing them. You are aiming to make 76600 coins or more from these packs, so you should try sell EVERYTHING.

With patience and a bit of luck, after opening the packs and selling, re-listing etc. you should profit.


I know this guide was longer than usual, but I had to explain alot of stuff. I hope this helps you out, if you want me to do this for more league SBCs let me know. And if you have any difficulties, comment and i'll try answer them. Thanks for reading this!


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