How to improve your connection for futchamps (Guide)

Content of the article: "How to improve your connection for futchamps (Guide)"

I constantly see a lot of misinformation out there about router settings and ow to actually get the best connection you possibly can. This has elevated my game from Gold 1 to Elite 2 since I bought a Nighthawk and have the ability to optimise my settings.

The biggest and most important step is to set up QOS but to do it properly. There is a misconception that the higher speeds you get the better your connection will be. This is false. You do not want to be trying to play at 100% of your connection speed infact.

First step is to run a speedtest with only your computer connected to your router. Find the max upload and download speed you can achieve and then enter that as your base QOS setting for 100%.

Now the important step is to run tests on dsl reports, after your speed test is done click view and share results and take note of your 3 ping values. You want these as low as possible and as close to each other as you can find. So now you set your PS5 to various figures on QOS to determine the best results for you. For me personnaly having 76% download and 67% upload is the speed spot. So yes im getting less speed than I would normally but the connecton quality is far better, way less jitter and ping spikes. When you search for a game it wont flicker between ping values it will remain at a pretty constant number, in my case that is 18 usually. Before and I was getting an average of 24 sometmes droping to 15 and rising to 30.

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for DNS settings dont just blindly follow numbers you see other people use or put in googles. Download the Benchmark software for your PC and allow it to run tests, that will determine the best DNS settings for you personaly.

As for portfording/UPNP/DMZ use whichever works best for you but only have one on otherwise they could conflict with each other.

If you have dumaOS you can also select your location and which servers you connect to. Living in UK i only want to play on the Ireland or London servers. Can sometimes take abit longer to find a match (30 seconds or so off peak times) but its well worth it.


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