How would you guys feel if EA implemented a Badge System like in NBA2K?

This is a bit of a read, but it could benefit the game as a whole, and EA knowing how greedy they are.

For those who don’t know, the Badge System in NBA2K is like their own version of Traits and Specialties that FIFA has, however they are more unique and have different levels to them (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Hall of Fame). Each level have their own amount of effectiveness, Hall of Fame being the best.

The traits system in FIFA is very bland and I feel like having a Badge System would possibly make high rated players that people don’t really use much more desirable (Kane, Kroos, Modric, Muller, Lewandowski.) This could also make teams be very different.

There are badges in NBA2K that increase effectiveness to a specific move or action in the game. Here are some examples:

CORNER SPECIALIST: Increases the chance of making a shot near the corner.

INTIMIDATOR: Intimidates offensive players causing them to miss shots more often

INTERCEPTOR: Increases chance of getting a steal in passing lanes.

There are tons of other badges, all very unique to different players/positions, on offence and defence.

In my eyes, Badges in FIFA could be a great thing. Here are some of my own ideas of what kind of “Badges” EA could bring in. I will also list some players who could have this Badge.

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TOP BINS: Increases the chance of scoring shots aimed at the top corners. (Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Kane.)

BRICK WALL: Improves the chances of blocking a shot. (Van Dijk, Ramos, Hummels)

STICKY DRIBBLER: Reduces the chances of losing the ball while being pressured by multiple defenders. (Messi, Neymar, Hazard)

LASER GUIDED: Reduces the chances of a pass being intercepted. (Modric, Thiago, David Silva, Busquets)

HAIL MARY: Improves the accuracy of long balls. (Kroos, Ziyech, Messi)

BODY BUILDER: Improves a player’s ability to shrug off opponents. (Lukaku, Kane, Ronaldo)

THIRD EYE: Improves a player’s ability to read and intercept a pass. (Kante, Casemiro, Fabinho, Ramos, Van Dijk)

SKILLS PAY THE BILLS: Allows a player to chain multiple skill moves without error. (Neymar, Mbappe, Douglas Costa, Hazard, Messi)

ROCKET POWERED: Improves a player’s shot speed/power. (Lewandowski, Ronaldo, Kane, Aguero)

While you may think “Why would we need this? We already have traits like Outside Foot Shoot and Finesse Shot, also ingame stats.”

Those could be made into Badges too. And while having different levels of them (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Hall of Fame), it would make players more unique from each other.

I would finally be comfortable with using guys like Modric, Kane, and David Silva. I would much rather have a Suarez with Gold Outside Foot Shot than a Ben Yedder with Silver Outside Foot Shot. It would also make team building much more different and we would see less of the same boring meta players each game. Ramos would be much more desirable than Varane because Ramos would have more and better Badges than Varane would, and that will make Ramos better in-game.

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How could EA somehow benefit from this? By making them consumables of course, just like Chemistry Styles, although Badges don’t increase ingame stats.

Hopefully you’ve read this far, let me know what you think about having this system in FIFA.


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