I finally got 93 Mendy, all from D1 Rivals – always around 2100 SR. Here’s why other people don’t do that

Here's the bad boy.

Took me about 50 matches in total, as I didn't even have his 85 so I had to get those wins too. I didn't relegate in part because I think it's wrong, but mostly because I can't really be arsed to do so and due to the fact I kinda take some pride on being in D1. HOWEVER… it's pretty clear why people do it, and why in a self-centered perspective it's 200% the correct move. And it simply has to do with how you're rewarded in regards to what you put in.

People usually just say D1 is harder, and while it definitely is in general, the counter-point that D1 for a D1 player is relatively as hard as D5 for a D5 player is sound. But neither of those perspectives get the crux of the matter. Which is how rewarded you get from doing the objectives in each division. And the difference… is non-existant. Or sure, you can get a 100k pack if you do it D4+, but not only a D1 player can do it quite easily in D4, but even if he doesn't get the pack, it's an untradeable 100k, who really cares?

Mind, I disagree with objectives even being in Rivals completely. It absolutely messed with the ecosystem of what should be a purely competitive mode in which you test yourself against similarly skilled players. But there is only one way to keep objectives there AND invert the incentives in order to avoid relegation: scale rewards by division. I can guarantee you if you got 93 Mendy from doing the objective in D1, 91 Mendy on D2, 90 Mendy on D3 and subsequently (the scaling and ratings could be debated of course), people would do their best to be in the highest division possible as that would get them the best (or best possible) version of the card.

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However, would the people who – rightfully – complain about their divisions being plagued with higher division players not in turn cry that they're not being "rewarded" the same? Because let's face it, you can try and shame people into not relegating how much you want, but as long as the incentives lead people to do so they will. That can be applied to most of situations in life even, and that's why there is often times the concern to make sure people's incentives also lead them to act towards the company or even society's best interests.

As long as that factor is completely absent from this Rivals/Objectives ecosystem – and no, a Ultimate pack from which you often don't even get walkouts per week is NOT a fair/adequate reward – the shitshow we have will continue. There will be people like me and some other who do it "right", but many, many others that just relegate and get it out of the way, saving time, sanity, getting the exact same card and losing… pretty much nothing.


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