I wish Special Cards and IFs were handled differently to create more team variety based on specific boosts.

Content of the article: "I wish Special Cards and IFs were handled differently to create more team variety based on specific boosts."

Back in the old FUTs they had IFs with specific stat boosts, which was much more exciting. Doing things like this would greatly improve team variety and enjoyment for me personally.

Full disclaimer ideas not thought out whatsoever. Just off the top of my head, but you get the idea.

I wish they would do things like:

  • Slower overall rating boosts on special event cards, with a lower overall ceiling. I don't want to play the end of the year with 200 90+ overall player cards. It's extremely stale. However, I do think the balance in lower tier player rating creep to top tier players is pretty fair where it is, in relation to performance based cards. I do think performance cards should be handled differently though as seen below.

  • Special cards should have specific boosts not just massive overall boosts. Eliminate huge overall stat boosts for event cards. Save those for TOTY/TOTS. The Halloween shape shifting idea is spectacular. Maybe FUT Birthday could just give speed/strength/Awareness boosts based on the player to have an age theme. i.e. an Mbappe has a boost in awareness (as he ages he becomes wiser) or Sule gets stronger as he ages and lifts more or Lewandowski gets faster/more agile in an age reversal sense.

  • Future stars is stupid. Progression on the card would work well here. You start with an 82 rated Rodrygo and have to accomplish difficult tasks to level him to 91. i.e. score 500 goals gives you a +2 rating (specifically related to scoring stats) and you go down the line.

  • Get rid of TOTW and make it TOTM with a small weekly selection (maybe 5 players) of key performer cards similar to MOTM. These cards should have boosts specifically related to the key contributions. i.e. A player scores a screamer from 35 yards out to win the game they get a nice size boost to shot accuracy/shot power and a +1 or +2 in his other position specific stats. This idea is reminiscent of the old FUT. With this idea there would potentially be a VVD card that has a major heading boost from one week or a VVD card that has a major slide tackle/standing tackle boost due to his defensive performance another week. Having to chose between the two VVDs based on specific rating preference would be cool.

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I know EA is lazy and they probably don't want to put the resources/money into having people monitor things like this throughout the leagues, but it still would be cool.

I don't see how this would hurt pack sales either. People are always chasing the next new card. This still provides plenty of new cards to stuff into packs, but offers a more modest pace to the gameplay power creep (some people obviously prefer a fast power creep).

I don't know if this is what needs to change, but FUT has become stale from a gameplay sense as there is limited variety. EA is doing a nice job of introducing new content like non monetary "Season pass" rewards.

Anybody have any thoughts on this jumbled mess?


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