I won’t be buying FIFA 21, so here are my trading tips for you

Content of the article: "I won’t be buying FIFA 21, so here are my trading tips for you"

I made around 3 million coins in this FIFA and I hope these methods can help you. Some of the work right from the start.

Top SBC Solutions This worked very well for me at the beginning. As everyone starts the game fresh, many people do the advanced SBCs as they offe huge packs. What you should do is to look up the top solution on futbin for this SBC (others might work too): as it always has bronzes and silvers in it. Because it is the top solution on futbin, the bronzes and silvers always go up in price. You then try to get them cheap on BIN and bid and sell them for profit.

Selling for lazy buyers This also works right from the beginning and even with non-rare golds. You just buy loads of different gold cards which look interesting to use in FIFA. You then just list them with a higher price. There is no rule of thumb, but the more expensive the card, the more you can add. The important thing here is to always list for 1 hour as the sales always happen in the last minutes. You can easily make 1k profit from a non-rare. You can always use this method to invest in cards.

Shadow/Hunter Trading Very easy and highly profitable method. You look up LB/RB with a shadow and LM/LW/LF/RM/RW/RF with hunter. For me ST and CB didn't work that well. I would always look for highly used players. I can't tell you how often I picked up Odriozola for 3k and sold him for 9k. This requires a bit of market knowledge as you should know how much some cards go for with the chem style on them. You don't even need to snipe because you will you use a very generic filter.

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Special Cards with Hunter/Shadow Same thing as the method above, but you just filter for special cards. This method works still at this point at the game. Here positions become more irrelevant, but I always bought only defensive minded players with shadow and offensive one with hunter. This also works very well from the phone

I hope these tips can help you. I never was much of an investor in FUT, but you can still make a lot of coins with these methods.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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