Icon Moments Deco Review. Should you choose him?

I have now got initial impressions on Deco.

I have used him for 10 games at 2050 SR at CAM in this team.

(Feel free to ask about anyone else in the team and I’ll try and answer)

He has 15 goals and 13 assists in these 10 games.

Review done with an engine chemistry style.

Pace 8/10

90 with an engine. Feels like 90 due to body type. Will be outpaced by Varane and Gomez but who won’t? Fast enough to run onto through balls and hit first time shots.

Dribbling 10/10

His ball control is amazing. Deco is a master of left stick dribbling. You can weave in and out of defences before laying it off to someone or shooting yourself.

Shooting 8.5/10*

Surprisingly good finishing for someone with 87 stat. He finishes the majority of chances you expect him to and only missed 1 clear cut chance in his 10 games. His left foot is okay for shooting but don’t try any long shots with it. He did score multiple outside of the box finesses with his right. His surprisingly good finishing may be down to his 93 Composure.

*Would be improved with a shooting chemistry style but I did not use one as his shooting was fine for me.

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Defending N/A

I used him as a stay forward CAM.

Passing 10/10

The standout attribute on this card. His passing is only limited by what you can imagine. He can ping cross pitch through balls with ease. His passing on his left felt perfect as well. I genuinely couldn’t tell the difference when passing. I think his high stats compensated for the 3* WF.

Physical 5.5/10

The weakness. He is not strong. No way around it. Deco is not a card you use to outmuscle people. His stamina is more than enough and he was not substituted once.

Overall 9/10

As someone who uses CAMs mainly for quick 1-2 passes and left stick dribbling, his physical shortcomings did not affect me in the slightest. He was clinical and his passing was perfect.

Should you pick him?


He is a perfect CAM for a passing playstyle.

What about a base icon pack instead?

Ask yourself if you want a guaranteed great CAM in 91 Deco or a shot at probably 10 to 15 base icons that may be better at CAM. Including the fact that the worse ones are much more likely to be packed, I wouldn’t risk it at all.

Imagine being the guy who picked a base pack for one more token than moments Deco and got base Deco. That was enough to dissuade me from this option.

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Plus, doing Deco and packs means you can miss out on one token. So you can skip 1 challenge that might be a pain.

Edit: Ignore the massive Szoboszlai thumbnail. That must be due to the Futbin link. It is a beautiful dynamic though tbf.


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