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The ability to revisit classic teams is one of my favorite aspects of the NBA2K games, so I figured it would be cool to think about if that feature was implemented in FIFA. With the NBA being a singular league with about 75 years of history, the door gets opened even wider considering there are dozens of leagues in FIFA with 100+ years history. So to start things off I wanted to present some suggestions for Premier League era classic teams. The only restriction is that the most recent teams to be selected for this will be from the previous World Cup cycle (so if you're wondering why I didn't put last season's Wolves or Liverpool team, that's why). In my initial run-through, I tried to limit each season to just four clubs, but then I wanted to add a few that weren't represented at all.


1992-93 Manchester United (Inaugural Champion)

1992-93 Aston Villa (Runners Up)

1992-93 Norwich City (3rd Place)

1992-93 Queens Park Rangers (5th Place)

1992-93 Sheffield United (14th Place, only prior PL season without relegation)

1993-94 Blackburn Rovers (Runners Up, Alan Shearer golden boot race)

1993-94 Newcastle United (3rd Place, Andy Cole golden boot winner)

1993-94 Wimbledon (6th Place)

1994-95 Blackburn Rovers (Winners)

1994-95 Nottingham Forest (3rd Place)

1994-95 Queens Park Rangers (8th Place)

1995-96 Manchester United (Winners)

1995-96 Newcastle United (Runners Up)

1995-96 Liverpool (Third Place and FA Cup winner)

1995-96 Nottingham Forest (9th Place)

1996-97 Newcastle United (Runners Up)

1996-97 Sheffield Wednesday (7th Place)

1996-97 Leicester City (9th Place)

1997-98 Arsenal (Nicolas Anelka helps Arsenal win the league)

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1997-98 Liverpool (Michael Owen joint top scorer)

1997-98 Coventry City (11th Place with joint top scorer)

1998-99 Manchester United (Treble Winners)

1998-99 Arsenal (2nd Place)

1998-99 Chelsea (3rd Place)

1998-99 West Ham United (5th Place)

1999-00 Manchester United (Winners)

1999-00 Leeds United (3rd Place)


2000-01 Leeds United (4th Place)

2000-01 Ipswich Town (5th Place)

2000-01 Sunderland (7th Place)

2001-02 Arsenal (Winners)

2001-02 Liverpool (2nd Place)

2001-02 Leeds United (5th Place)

2002-03 Newcastle United (3rd Place)

2002-03 Southampton (8th Place)

2003-04 Arsenal (Invincible PL Winners)

2003-04 Chelsea (PL Runners Up)

2003-04 Manchester United (3rd Place)

2003-04 Charlton Athletic (7th Place)

2004-05 Liverpool (Champions League Winners)

2004-05 Everton (4th Place)

2004-05 Bolton Wanderers (6th Place)

2004-05 Middlesbrough (7th Place)

2005-06 Chelsea (PL Champions)

2005-06 Arsenal (Champions League Runners Up)

2005-06 Blackburn Rovers (6th Place)

2005-06 Newcastle United (7th Place)

2006-07 Liverpool (3rd place and Champions League Runners Up)

2006-07 Bolton Wanderers (7th Place)

2006-07 Reading (8th Place)

2007-08 Manchester United (Champions League and PL winners)

2007-08 Chelsea (Champions League and PL Runners Up)

2007-08 Portsmouth (8th Place and won FA Cup)

2008-09 Liverpool (2nd Place)

2008-09 Everton (5th Place)

2008-09 Fulham (7th Place)

2008-09 Manchester City (First season of Abu Dhabi United Group era)

2009-10 Chelsea (A much needed PL Title following their UCL Final heartbreak)

2009-10 Spurs (4th Place)

2009-10 Aston Villa (6th Place)

2009-10 Birmingham City (9th Place)

2009-10 Fulham (Despite finishing 12th, made it to the Europa League Final)

2009-10 Wolverhampton Wanderers (Highest finish prior to their current era)

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2010-11 Manchester United (Champions, with a thrilling last day of the season win vs Blackpool)

2010-11 Manchester City (3rd Place and FA Cup Winner)

2010-11 Stoke City (13th Place and finished runner up in FA Cup)

2010-11 Blackpool (Scored 55 goals despite being relegated)

2011-12 Manchester City (First PL title)

2011-12 Manchester United (Photo finish title race with their rivals)

2011-12 Newcastle United (5th Place)

2011-12 Norwich City (12th Place upon return after a lengthy Top Flight absence)

2012-13 Manchester United (Champions and Final season under Ferguson)

2012-13 Chelsea (3rd Place)

2012-13 Spurs (Gareth Bale’s incredible season)

2012-13 West Brom (8th Place)

2012-13 Swansea City (Won the Football League Cup)

2012-13 Wigan Athletic (Won the FA Cup despite relegation)

2013-14 Manchester City (Start of a Post-Fergie era of Title Contention)

2013-14 Liverpool (Closest Title Challenge until current era)

2013-14 Everton (5th Place)

2014-15 Arsenal (3rd Place)

2014-15 Swansea City (8th Place)

2014-15 Crystal Palace (10th Place)

2015-16 Leicester City (5000-1 odds PL champions)

2015-16 Spurs (Title challengers but slipped into 3rd)

2015-16 Southampton (6th Place)

2015-16 West Ham United (7th Place)

2015-16 Sunderland (Great Escape)

2016-17 Chelsea (Champions following a disastrous campaign)

2016-17 Bournemouth (Finished 9th)

2017-18 Manchester City (100 points Champions)

2017-18 Manchester United (2nd Place)

2017-18 Burnley (7th Place)

2017-18 Brighton (Survived first-ever PL season)

Total appearances

10 Manchester United

7 Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool

6 Newcastle United

5 Manchester City

3 Blackburn Rovers, Everton, Leeds United, Leicester City, Spurs

2 Aston Villa, Bolton Wanderers, Fulham, Nottingham Forest, Norwich City, QPR, Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea City, West Ham United

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1 Blackpool, Bournemouth, Burnley, Brighton, Charlton Athletic, Coventry City, Crystal Palace, Ipswich Town, Middlesbrough, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Stoke City, West Brom, Wigan Athletic, Wimbledon, Wolves

Did I miss any teams you think would be a fun classic team to play as? Let me know! hope you enjoyed this idea and the trip down memory lane.


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