If you guys are looking to make manager career mode more difficult. I got your solution!

Content of the article: "If you guys are looking to make manager career mode more difficult. I got your solution!"

FIFA Career Mode (HARD)


Legendary or Ultimate difficulty

Use manual-ish controls (especially with lower leagues, makes game feel more authentic) Ground pass – Semi <Lob Pass – Manual <Shots – Manual <Crosses – Manual <Through Pass – Assisted (Getting the power right with through balls and ground passes is tedious)

Ultra Hard Tweak: All Manual

Injury frequency – 60

First Touch Control Error – 75 (2.5 star or lower teams) 65 (3.5 star or lower teams) 55 (4 star or higher teams)

No Restarts


Players with 89-94 potential must be signed in tandem with a player that has an 80 potential or less

ONLY 2 players from each country you scout are allowed to be 90+

Ultra Hard Tweak: no players with 90+ potential (sign them and drop them so they are deleted from the game)

Players can be trained to the nearest 5 or 0 and will gain no more than 5 points per season via training Example: Smith is rated 57, he can be trained until he is rated 60 If Smith goes to 63 the remainder of the season via play time, the next season he can only go to 65 via training.

Edit: Ultra Hard Tweak: players are only allowed to grow via playtime or loan

21 and under players are the only ones allowed to be trained, all others must improve via game play.

HOME GROWN REQUIREMENTS (Using the England FA rules):

17 players are allowed to be foreign born on your squad

Ultra Hard Tweak: within 3 seasons reduce the number of non-Home-Grown players to 3

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If a player is scouted into your youth team and gets into your squad, he counts as “Home Grown”

If you buy a player that is 18 or under and he is in the squad for 3+ years he counts as “Home Grown”

Unlimited foreign players are allowed if they are under 21


Any player that is bought can have wages no more than 25 percent higher than your top payed player, includes loaned players.

If your current players ask for more than a 25 percent increase they must be sold.

No signing free agents to boost lower league squads. (Can sign free agents if you would otherwise forfeit)

Transfer purchase amounts must be the same or less than transfer sales. (Shirt sales and other revenue do not count)

If you are a lower league team, you must sell one of your "showing great potential" or higher players to other clubs once a year. Ultra hard tweak: sell one every transfer window

Any player you sign must be fully scouted in the global transfer network. NO SCOURING FUTWIZ FOR PLAYERS.


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