In depth guide on how to beat the dda/script/momentum (WL tested/Elite 2)

Content of the article: "In depth guide on how to beat the dda/script/momentum (WL tested/Elite 2)"

First I want to say that this is originally not my idea and so I don’t deserve the credit for this.

It was back in Fifa 17 or 18, when the futhead forums were still active, I read a post there where some guy claimed he figured out how to beat the script. I didn’t think much about it then, but it always stuck with me. My last WL was such a frustrating battle against the A.I that I figured what the f**k I might as well give it a go. I couldn’t remember the post in detail of course, but the main idea was to play completely opposite in the first half than you usually play and just pass the ball to the opponent to sort of make the game work for you.

However, here is my take on what I remembered mixed with some of my own conclusions ( if you, who wrote about this back in the futhead forum days, are reading this, you are the real MVP ):

NOTE: As far as I know, this works only if you play possession and are good at defending.

1. Build a team that’s solid defensive wise with some silvers in positions where your main attacking players would normally be.

2. Go as dumb as you can in the first half offensive wise.

  • Just pass the ball to the opponent, let him hold the possession and literally just defend. DON’T kick the ball out of bounds, just pass it to the opponent.
  • If you see a chance for a counter ( and these become more and more obvious as the first half goes on ) don’t take them! Pass it to the opponent.
  • Don’t worry if you concede one or two.
  • Don’t do skill moves.
  • DO NOT ATTACK. It’s very tempting (duh), but trust me patience is the key.
  • I find everything on balanced and no changes to any tactics or insturctions works the best in the first half. ( I did try to change my keepers instructions to come out for crosses but didn’t notice any difference TBH. )
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3. When the half time comes, the transition begins.

  • Change the silvers to your best forwards.
  • Change the tactics to what you normally play with. I use possession and press after possession loss with a high line. ( Like I said previously, as far as I know, this only works if your main style of play is possession. If you play counter attack, I’d imagine this method won’t work so well, but it’s literally just my guess. )
  • When the second half begins just play the game like you normally do. You will find that your AI does amazing runs in the offense, your passes are dumb-animation free, the ball bounces back to you, and your players don’t miss any easy sitters. Meanwhile your opponent is struggling to string two passes together and if they end up getting a scoring opportunity your GK will actually try to save it.

4. If you are playing against a really good player, don’t expect this method alone to give you the win.

  • I still lost some of my games to players who were good at this game. However, at least this time around I didn’t once feel I lost undeservedly.
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This method allowed me to finish elite 2 while actually enjoying the gameplay throughout my 30 games for the first time. I do think this method could be tuned even further.

When I started the wl I was worried it’s gonna take me a forever cause there will be a lot less rage quits. However, to my surprise it turns out people quit more often when they went down even by just 2 goals in the second half.

I keep stats of my weekend league games and here are some of my “proof” I used to conclusively decide this method worked for me.

GK (Burki) save percentage on the last wl: 24%

GK (Pope) save percentage this wl: 68%

My finishing percentage (First shot) last wl: 87%

My finishing percentage (First shot) this wl: 90%

My finishing percentage (total) last wl: 30%

My finishing percentage (total) this wl: 74%

Goals from bouncebacks (against) last wl: 18/42

Goals from bouncebacks (against) this wl: 6/29

Rage quits last wl: 8

Rage quit this wl: 11

I am not gonna start analysing the numbers any further, I rather let them speak for themselves. It’s obvious to me why there is such a dumb difference, but I know there will be some folk saying “you concentrated better” or “It’s a valid tactic” or whatever and they are free to do so.

Lastly, I don’t really know what to think of this and to be honest I don’t even know If I will even keep playing, cause it turns out this makes me feel like such an idiot for fighting the game like a fool for so long. If you have any questions, let me know and I will try to help you out to the best of my abilities.

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Side note: I am not here to argue scripting and I really don’t care if you believe in it or not. Hats off to you either way and I sincerely hope you have a great time playing this game.

Side note 2: I can guarantee you Akinfewas defending is closer to 80 than the 40 it says on the card.


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