In-Depth Moments Hagi Review. Easily the best 250k card I’ve ever used.

So I'd like to start off by saying that I'm a division 1 player with ~2k skill rating. I've used neymar for 1178 games scoring 1312 goals so this was a really tough decision. I had a 500k budget and I wanted an icon for easier links. I looked at Rivaldo, Stoichkov, Nedved, Henry. I needed a player capable of playing at CAM or ST. I use Kaka as my other striker.

After a lot of deliberation, I picked up Hagi because his stats looked far better than anyone else at this price point.

My first 4 games I used him as a LAM with a catalyst in a 4-2-2-2. He only scored one goal and made one assist. I assumed he was going on the fraud watch list. I decided to try him out as a left ST with a hunter. This made a world of difference and below is my review of him as a left ST.


1) Finishing: 10/10. With a hunter on his already cracked base card stats, his finishing was easily the best I've seen in the game. I've used TOTY Mbappe, TOTY Bruno and countless other strikers but Hagi's finishing was beyond anything I've seen. His shot power is insane and his 93 composure helps him bury everything. 4 star weak foot is unbelievable too even under pressure. Whilst not at an R9 or Pele level, he is right up there and I'd bet my life on him finishing his opportunities.

2) Dribbling: 9.5/10. SHEESH! This guy just doesn't lose the ball. He's got ball magnets and it shows. Similar to Kenny Dalglish, he just glides through multiple defenders and you find yourself wondering how you even got through them. His composure is insane and he makes the most perfect final touches automatically to get a better angle for the final shot. His height and body type are perfect and he's just an absolute joy to use on the field.

3) Positioning: 9/0 Hagi's positioning was very good for me. He would recognize open space instantly and switch his runs where necessary, making diagonal runs where needed. He would also frequently come short for the ball, resulting in amazing play making.

4) Passing: 9/10 Very good passing. Whilst not a Xavi, his passes will not let you down. He sometimes makes better passes than expected too. A catalyst or an engine on him would make his passing 99, resulting in Xavi/Pirlo like passing.

5) 5 SM 4 WF: 5 star skill moves and 4 star weak foot. I'm a big skill move user and often use the elastico, croqueta and running scoop turn as my go to skill moves. Hagi's siklness and smoothness in performing the skill moves caught me off guard. He was so good and keeping the ball close to him while doing these skills and never loses composure. His scoop turns go way longer than expected, so it catches the opposite off guard too. 4 star weak foot almost as good as a 5.


1) Physicality: Admittedly, he is not the stronger or biggest guy on the field but you'd be surpired as to how well he performs. He fights off most defenders with more ease than I anticipated. Combined with his amazing dribbling and ability to glide through defenders, the likes of TOTW Joe Gomez and Record breaker Van Dijk were no match for him. Only the biggest of the biggest could really push him off. The only real let down is his stamina. About 65 or 70 minutes into the game you start to notice his lack of movement. He slows down his runs, his touches are poor and his finishing isn't as good. He can still score you some bangers but you're better off being conservative or subbing him off. Hagi fights for the badge and you won't regret buying him.


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