Insights – Going from defensive meta to an much more offensive play style

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Can’t find any matchup in Rivals at the moment (finished WL for tonight, 7-0) so thought I would share some insights from the past month. Take it for what it is. I’m not a pro, not even close, but finish elite in WL and are solid in div 1 in rivals with 2000-2200 in skill rating.

I’ve been pretty much following the meta all year, playing 4231 narrow, Ben Yedder 88 upfront all spring until his card fell under the power curve when TOTSSF came a month ago or so. 4231, 2-3 depth and balanced/balanced with full backs staying back and cdms being balanced took me to elite and kept my staying there, but I honestly didn’t enjoy the game. Due to the poor servers and the delay (even with ping at 16-20 its awful at the weekends), but also cause I decided to play destructive in a game that’s supposed to be fun. It’s not all on EA, right. It’s on us too. It’s on the youtubers, the content makers, YES!, but it’s also on all of us players. We decide, one and each of us, to be destructive, to fall back. Everything to win a freaking video game against someone we never met (but still hate more than Trump himself).

I haven’t reflected over it until I looked at my team, on a Monday a month or so, and asked myself:

What the hell am I doing? Yes I hit 23, 24, 25, 20 sometimes after several dc’s on a Friday evening (ruining all weekend), but why the hell am I playing this game? The WL wins is a drug, I’ll do everything to get one more, one more, one more. It’s a drug. For sure.

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So I decided to try something new. I said to myself, I have to be more positive. I got seven (broken) PS4 gamepads in a box in my office, I don’t need one more. So what will make me more happy about playing this broken game? I guess one thing I could try is to be more aggressive on the pitch. Stand higher. Gegenpress (google it). Dare more. Care less. Positive attitude.

And the process for every change:

– Understand what you’re trying to do (expect an outcome)

– Get new insights, learn from your mistakes

– Try out what you’ve learned, test, test, test

– Correct or standardize your new way of playing

– Repeat until you master it

So I went from 4231 to 4222 (I know, still meta huh). I went from 2 depth to 7 depth.

I went from balanced/balanced to press after possession loss/fast build up.

And something happened with my team (but more with myself to be honest). My players suddenly ran more, I exposed my opponents (and myself as well) in a new way. Less games ended in extra time and penalties. More rage quits early in the games. Exposing the skill gap in completely new way compared to when both are playing 4231 one depth or so. My skill rating improved so much that I, in the past weeks rivals, have matched up against both Boras and Ollelito (playing on the Stockholm server) and at least 8 other players who’s playing in the Swedish esport league. I can honestly say I improved my gameplay due to the change in attitude. The more offensive game style put me in new situations, forced me to be quicker (in head and hands) and it also gave me more open surfaces on the pitch to practice on the skill moves when my opponents couldn’t follow on the fast build ups.

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And best of all: I realized that a lot of my previous opponents that I called possession rats, fall back idiots, meta jerks, they were just an mirror of myself and my own gameplay. If you play defensive, your opponent will most likely do it too if it’s an even game. A lot of players are chameleons. Same thing when you press high (remember, never use team press if you’re not already fucked); the opponent will most likely join you in your trip to the Hawaiian football. And it’s a beautiful thing to do, at least nicer than standing still, passing the ball in circles for 20 minutes of your lives …

Thanks for reading all 700 words. Feel free to call me an whatever you want and ask anything if something wasn’t clear enough.

Ps. Black lives matter.



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