Laurent Blanc (89) review

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So in the making of my Past x Present Barca squad, I decided to go with Blanc as I used him last year in all French squad and enjoyed having him in the back 4. For anyone who hasn’t tried him, I hope you’re convinced after this.

Pace: 8/10

Base stats are 79, but even without a shadow card, he is surprisingly fast. Will he get caught out sometimes? Occasionally. But when we get to his defense, you’ll see why it won’t matter.

Shooting: N/A

Looking from his stats, they’re not so bad for a CB and 91 on penalties doesn’t hurt.

Passing: 8/10

Very solid for me and necessary because I do a lot of passing in the football I play. He isn’t a player I worry about when passing the ball back to and his long passes are surprisingly good!

Dribbling: 9/10

For a CB, Blanc really separates from a lot of them because of his dribbling. He feels so nimble and fast when he moves, which surprising for a defender that is fkn 6’4!!!!! Seriously though, he is excellent on the ball and holding it if necessary as well as getting out of tricky situations.

Defense: 10/10

Excellent, he plucks balls from the feet of his opponents, intercepts everything with his long legs, and will elegantly slide tackle the ball off anyone. Extremely solid here.

Physical: 10/10

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He is ridiculously strong and will elegantly knock everyone to the ground. Excellent stamina and combination of aggression and strength, perfect for a defender. His 79 jumping combined with his height will make your opponent sweat at every corner and long freekick into the box.

Overall: 9.5/10

For his price at 750k, Blanc is an excellent CB! Super solid and will fit into any team and stay there for the remainder of the game, which is what I plan to do.


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