Lopsided 4-3-1-2 formation w/ tactics

Thought i'd upload my lopsided 4-3-1-2, which got me to gold 3 with 3 games to spare, although it could easily have been gold 2 or higher, if not for disconnection issues and using Charlie Wyke rather than Thierry Henry!

Tactics and Instructions


Player Instructions

I like to break the team down into three areas, defending, on the counter and attacking:


Organised and compact

When in a defensive position, the defence and midfield create a solid line which is tough to break through. The two physical strikers allow a direct route to break out, holding the ball up and allowing the midfield to push and and break past them. With Hierro being a centre back playing as a full back, he provides better defensive cover than a usual left back. However, it was rare to have the team this deep, as our vulnerabilities lie on the counter-attack.


Only time it matches default formation is on the counter

On the counter-attack, the danger comes through the centre of the pitch, with our strikers and midfielders. They interchange with constant running and movement, causing havoc in opposition defences. This seemed particularly effective against a 5-3-2 and 4-2-2-2.

An example of a counter in this formation

The aggressive pressing from the midfielders and the aggressive interceptions from Fabinho, allowed the counter-attack to be a regular threat, often suffocating an opposition into their own half, keeping up to 82% possession. In these cases when dominating possession, the lopsided nature of our formation comes into effect.

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Becomes a 3-4-1-2 in possession.

Against a compact defence, the left CM pushes wide left. The right back bombs forward to give us an overload on the right flank, providing triangles between the RCM, RS and RB. This width allows crosses to come in, due to most teams defending in a compact manner, making it tough to break through the middle. Due to the attacking nature of the right back, the formation can be vulnerable to the counter. To try and negate this, the left back stays back, and the RCB helps cover the right side. For this reason, i'd recommend using your best centre half in that position, as he has the most work to do.


I love this formation, its worked wonders for me on golden goal. On FUT champs, the defence has been deceptively strong, conceding no more than 1 goal in half of my matches, whilst scoring 3 or more in the same amount of games. It provides a different threat to most formations i've used, with one opponent messaging me to say about its crossing threat.


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