Malmö FF Past & Present WL Review: 19 wins

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Hello guys, this WL I chose to play with a past and present Malmö FF team. I think I did pretty well ending up with 19 wins, though I'm annoyed at losing my final game for Gold 1. For context I finished in Elite 3 last week with my sweat team. Here's a recap:

The team:

Full-chem babyyy




My results


  1. Forsberg 37
  2. Traustasson 29
  3. Christiansen 13
  4. Eikrem 9
  5. Toivonen 6
  6. Rieks 1


Olsen: Suprisingly solid, saves everything you'd expect him to save and is especially adept at one-on-ones. Struggled a bit with crosses and some shots from weird angles, but overall very happy with him 8/10

Jansson: The man mountain himself, decided to put a Shadow on him after getting ravaged in the first couple of games and it helped a lot. Big enough to bully anyone of the ball, but his clunkiness was a liability when it came to playing it out from the back as well as when it came to blocks/rebounds. Put in some absolutely brutal tackles though which made his card very fun. 6/10

Ahmedhodzic: The biggest suprise of the weekend, the same height as aforementioned Jansson but his slender build and 72 agility made him a much more solid defender. A very fun card that bailed me out many times with his last-ditch tackling, though his overall rating is decreased by his defensive awareness. 8/10

Knudsen: The most unremarkable of the defenders, didn't do much wrong but struggled when the likes of Adama came running at him. 6/10

Tinnerholm: 90 sprint speed with Shadow coupled with 91 stamina made him an absolute demon on the wing, running up and down like there was no tomorrow. Reminded me very much of how he plays in real life as he's not the best on the ball but his persistance and running capabilities left him in acres of space which gave him the opportunity to get a handful of assists. Also just as solid in defence as one would expect. 7/10

Rieks: This man was another great suprise in the team, as he is much more comfortable on the ball than Tinnerholm he was the focal point of just about all of my build-up as I always felt confident that he could execute the famous "ball-roll into 1-2 combination". Deceptively quick and with the ability to outmuscle puny wingers and full-backs alike made him a solid defender as well. His only issue was being a right-footed LWB which severely impacted his final ball and he notched only a single assist and one goal over the whole 30 games. 8/10

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Lewicki: The little man at the base of midfield that can't run, pass or shoot. But I will give him credit where it's due, he didn't get many tackles wrong and his 85 agility and 83 balance meant that he won a high % of 50-50s. Even though he stands 171 cm his 93 jumping meant that he was brilliant at winning headers which was a great tool to sustain pressure. Sadly his pace and passing severly limit him and made him a liability in transitions as he would often misplace a pass and then was unable to get back and help the defence. Subbed off at half-time for Bachirou. 6/10

Toivonen: Probably the most disappointing player in the team, even though he gets decent dribbling with a Finisher there just isn't a chem-style in the world capable of rectifying his clumsiness. Coupled with his 50 pace he was a huge liability on the ball. Decent passing and great finishing whenever he got the chance made him into a somewhat useable card. Subbed off at half-time for IF Eikrem. 5/10

Christiansen: The ultimate box-to-box midfielder, capable of doing just about everything. Absolutely vital to my build-up play with his combinations with Rieks and also capable of being a danger in the box. His 4* skill moves were fantastic as well as no opponent expects this non-rare ginger to do a rainbow flick over the last defender and then volleying it into the back of the net. A fantastic card that I would recommend for any 75 rated challenge out there. 9/10

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Traustasson: Being the only man in the team with over 75 pace meant that he was crucial in giving the team an outlet when under pressure. His astonishing 81 pace meant that he could beat the likes of Varane and Gomez in a race if he was given a head-start. Most of his actions were running down the channel, turning back and passing it to one of the midfielders outside of the box, but when his chance came he was suprisingly adept at finishing them. His biggest let down was his passing and ball-control as he misplaced many simple one-twos and I lost track of the amount of times he was through on goal only to take a 2 meter touch right into the goal-keeper's hands. 7/10

Forsberg: The super-star, 4* 4*, 86 finishing and 89 dribbling with Finisher made him feel like similar to any cheap beast once he got into the box. His passing was of great help to as he was able to pick out his team-mates in the box and also launched some fantastic through balls to the wings. Unfortunately his 70 pace limits what he can do, but if you know how to use him you'll have a fantastic play-maker and finisher. 9/10

Bachirou: The first super-sub, feels exactly the same as Lewicki but his added pace gives his card another dimension and is of crucial help when defending transitions. A huge recommendation for the Silver lounge. 8/10

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IF Eikrem: Classy, classy player. Much needed substitute for Toivonen as his close control and passing made him a calm presence in midfield which helped tremendously in the build up phase. His shooting let him down on occasion but overall a very decent midfield player. 8/10

Conclusion: I had a tonne of fun this weekend leaving the sweat behind, and I would recommend anyone to try something similar with their local team. If anyone is interested I could add a section on tactics/playstyle.

Thanks for reading!


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