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Happy Tuesday all. Back again with another post looking at key parts of the market and what areas are of interest.

Icons – With the lack of content yesterday and the incoming toty content, a lot of icons are suprisingly still quite stagnant in price as opposed to what you would expect in regards to potential 'panic'. Most have dropped from the inflated wl prices, but since yesterday, there hasnt really been any movement. Perhaps we could see something going into the weekend, where there is potentially more noise regarding toty. There is still potential of content at 6pm doing something with the market and there is the added factor of the repeatable icon sbcs expiring in 2 days. If i get my tin foil hat on for a second, I think they might drop a base icon player pick or mid icon sbc to take some cards off the market before TOTY.

Fodder – This could potentially play into what I have just mentioned, with the potential for new icon sbcs to come out. Currently they are comparatively low, with a nice ceiling to rise into if something gets released. Most of the 84 rated cards have recovered in price slightly since the 84 player pick last week, though if they were to rerelease that again, then probably should expect the same thing to happen.

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Headliner 2 cards – Most of these cards have seen very slight rises from yesterday, with Theo hernandez dropping to 450k xbox on monday and now back up to 470k. Similarly with Benzema, his price was at 190k xbox yesterday but is now up to 210k. For those who read my post yesterday, its basically what we expect to happen really and what we see in most promos…. potentially somehting to consider for toty. I still do expect the headliner cards to drop again with supply on thursday.

General view?

Market is a bit stagnant at the moment and the game sort of feels this way aswell. I think most people are sitting on their coins in anticipation for toty; whether that be to buy a toty card or in anticipation for cards to drop. Given also that there is alot of talk in people buying up top league rare cards for the potential of sbcs, I think everyone is really on standby, meaning there will have to be some big content mid week to really move the market.

Thanks again for reading my posts and feel free to leave any questions 🙂


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