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Happy rewards day all! I had Div 1 rank 1 rewards and Gold 2 rewards opened today and the best i got was a Cam –> CM card……. Hope you'll got something better…

Just a normal post today, looking at what has shifted from rewards.

Headliners 2

As expected, with today's supply, a lot of these cards has seen decreases since yesterday. Lozano was around the 600k mark but now is down at 560 – 570k. Even someone as OP as Diego Carlos has seen a drop, with him being at 310k at 6pm yesterday but now at 270k. I do expect these cards to rise from these prices though.

Gold meta cards

Interestingly these cards have still seen a rise despite all the talk of prices falling. Mbappe was around 690k xbox and has now made it over 700k to around 714k. Ronaldo was 850k yesterday and now around 880k. It really shows the desireability of these cards still.

On another note, these cards will be interesting to look at if toty nominee cards come out. Last year these nominee cards had a plus 1 upgrade from the base, which put the base out of packs… meaning in theory some cards that get a nominee and a toty card could be out of packs for two weeks which may raise its price. We'll have to see what EA does tomorrow though.

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Another interesting area and one if which I talked about is cards that have a SIF come out this week. Griezmann received another totw yesterday, which caused his first inform to drop from around 120k on Tuesday to around 100k yesterday….. but since hes shot back up to 120k.

Depay is another example of this trend. His price was around the 110k range on tuesday and dropped down to 95k yesterday; but now is back up to 107k.

General view?

I think actually the market has been quite tame in its price fluctuations, which could be to do with people holding packs for potential content tomorrow. I personally think they will release nominees tomorrow; which would give them something special in packs till toty next friday. Again I still think the market is sort of in limbo – theres not been any injection coins as people are probably holding liquidity.

Thanks again for taking time to read and as always, feel free to send me questions.


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