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Happy Rewards Day! How did you all get on with your rewards? Personally got nothing….. but why would anyone expect anything more! Today is going to be quite telling on how the market is perceived right now, depending on how big of a rise we can see on some cards.

General Market Trends (as of 13:00 GMT 19/11/2020)

– High rated metas

Following on from yesterdays rebound, we are seeing a further slight increase in some high rated metas a good few hours after rewards as people are seemingly looking to buy for their WL teams. CR7 posting sales of 1140000 (xbox) from being at the low 1100000 this morning. Mbappe was selling at 1040000 and now selling at 10680000. Given that its still early in the day, we could potentially see some further rise on these cards tonight going into tomorrow.

– Lower rated metas

Some of these cards are starting to post rises as well despite the extra supply on the market. Martial was selling yesterday at 58k is now up to 62k and simlarly Joe Gomez was hovering around 66k and now is 70k. Quite telling that even the cards that has seen considerable drops is still being desired to warrant a rise in price (most likely a consequence of their now more affordable price). Really will be interesting how their value holds come Sunday and going into next week.

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– Rulebreakers/Out of pack TOTW

As expected, seeing some further rises on this end – especially on the cards people are going to use for their weekend league teams. Lukaku RB was down in the low 300k is now posting sales at 340k. Zaha totw was posting sales at 175k is now up to 190k.

RTTF team 1 cards

– A split trend with these cards with players seemingly under 500k are have generally seen some rise but cards over 500k have actually seen a fluctuation in price, and in most cases a small dip from their prices last night. Most of them are posting prices at this moment that are lower than what they were before rewards which is very interesting… I think perhaps people are conscious of holding onto cards that are high in value coming into black friday? Or perhaps its people realising how inflated these cards are and its basically levelling off? Either way I think it will be an interesting watch throughout the day.

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– Fodder

Most fodder cards are down in price due to supply, but i fully expect to pick up again once people start buying. Could be a good time to look for some good snipes to get fodder on the cheap if you had missed the boat.

As always feel free to leave me your thoughts and questions and ill do my best to answer each one!


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