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Happy Friday! With the potential for Icon Sbcs to come out tonight (UK) I think the market will be in limbo an hour before; with a lot of movement dependant on the content that comes out. Have you guys all prepared for the potential for icons sbcs? Would you actually look to do any? Let me know.

State of the market (as of 11am GMT – 20/11/2020)

– High rated metas; With yesterdays rise on rewards day, they seem to be holding in price at the moment, if not ever so slightly lower in some cases. I feel there was a mix of people finally buying these cards for their teams, but also people selling with the rebound which has caused this rise then slight dip. Mbappe rose from 1.14 mill to 1.19mill and is now chilling at 1.18 mill Similarly CR7 went from 1.13 mill to 1.19 mill but now is back down to 1.17 mill.

– RTTF team 1; Seems to be a lot of shifts in uncertainty with these cards at the moment, I feel like for some players they'd rather recoup the coins for >500k players potentially due to uncertainty with the new season and also for new content, whereas on the other hand theres another group that still see value due to the games next week. Its a balance between realisation on how inflated some of these cards are and the potential they hold with further upgrades.

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Take Marcus Rashford for example (a player who is good, overhyped, massively inflated and isnt a sure guarantee to go far), his price started to climb yesterday on rewards, hit a peak at 4pm (GMT) of 850k, crashes back down to 790k during content time and then has steadied since then at around 810k. Aubameyang follows a similar path with this aswell. What does this mean? Well I think these cards are going to be very volatile, especially coming into a champions league week and I certainly wouldnt necessary recommend seeing these as investments that hold for a while.

Rulebreakers cards – Having seen a rise yesterday on rewards, a few of these have started dancing around their inflated prices. Its interesting to see that some people still see value in some of these cards at their inflated prices, namely Pogba; who seen a rise from 790k yesterday to 840k today, I do feel however that along with the rashford example, as it come closer to 6pm content time, we will see some panic selling.

ICONS – They are at an interesting point at the moment given the rumours of icons sbcs coming. Generally <500k icons have seen their usual WL rise from rewards day but interestingly, there seems to be a price reset or panic selling for some icons over the 1 mill mark. Figo mid was trading around 1.05 mill mid week but is now a steady 940k – 990k and also Kenny Dalglish baby is now trading at around 1.15 mill compared to the 1.3 mill during the week. I think there two things here;

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1.People are looking to recoup coins on high value assets/reluctant to spend coins right now on big players.

  1. Across the board reset on the value of a '1 million' coin player

I do think this wont last though. Once the dust settles on BF, i think we will see a few of these icons rise again.

General view of the market?

I think we are seeing a lot of fluctuation in prices across the board, which accounts for the general uncertainty across the market right now due to potentially new content. I think people are more wary right now on investing in high value cards that are not deemed as hyped or popular but i also think that there is also so much coins in the market in this game that inevitable rises will always happen.

Bit of a long post today, hope you all enjoyed the read! As always, feel free to leave your comments and questions and ill do my best to get through it all!

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