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Happy Wednesday all! VERY interesting to see the release of Icon sbcs last night… I'd like to shout out those who predicted that it would drop on yesterday’s post; though I would like to take some solace in the fact that I predicted that it wouldnt be repeatable since it would make things complicated…….. My tin foil hat and I will take the participation medal (that is of course until they release a repeatable sbc)

As a result of the sbc last night night – most item types in the game took a big hit with the wave of panic from people selling their cards. Couple that with the pack supply UCL MM, we saw further drops in the current totw and the low rated metas; people like martial and gomez has fallen another 10% to reach an all-time low; which won’t be helped with black fridays pack supply.

Icons, out of packs totw and RB also took a hit but have since started to rebound. If theres one advice to give you – it’s that these cards always rebound; especially when the panic is induced by a one off untradeable sbc… tip for the future.

For rttf cards, we interestingly actually saw some dip in prices; Rashford was at the high 880k yesterday but is now down to 850k and griezmann is now under 500k. Despite some of these teams being guaranteed to go through, the fact that the icon sbc came out on a tuesday meant coins were taken from the market during a traditional low market period. I personally expect when rewards come/ BF we are going to see massive rises again in certain cards.

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