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Hello everybody its me again, back with a review of my new favourite striker Mid Butra! Again from a div 3 player close to div 2! gold 2 but still.. GRAIN OF SALT LADS, AND WITH GRAIN I MEAN A HAND FULL.


So, with the Fut birthday cards that came out, i saw a particular card that i wanted to get my hands on, that was Vidal. My favorite player from my national team (Chile) and i have always struggled finding a midfielder that i was satisfied with. But the issue is that he would not fit my team unless i got one more icon, because of the untrades i use. So this made me go and look for a replacement for Boadu sadly enough. Hence i bough butra since he is the OG 3 star skills 5 star weak foot.



Games: 77

Goals: 116

Assists: 32

Team i used

Before getting the mid version specifically i thought about getting his baby cuz I'm a cheap bastard and i went in with the mindset that if i dont feel this card is expectational i would had sold him and bought the baby one. I have tried the baby one before but was not that impressed, though not enough games possibly or it could been the M/M that kinda ruined it, who knows!

But the Mid version, omg. I said it with Boadu and il have to quote snoop dogg again, " THIS MF DONT MISS"

i cant count how many times Butra with his small frame and slick movements have made it possible to squeeze through certain angles to slot one in. His positioning is out of this world. like i cant really explain it more then saying that he will most of the time always be at the right spot at the right time for either a goal or a 1-2 pass scenario. And talking about positioning i think that has alot to do with his AI, it feels like he moves accordingly but not unnecessary. I will admit there were games where he was totally invisible but its like he has a bit of Inzaghi to him, he is there but at the same time he is not.


Shooting incredible, probably better then Cruyff imo, i have 875 games with mid Cruyff and il be the first to admit that when i got him i did not do him justice the first couple of months. But now that i have improved some and have grasped the shooting aspect, (got Cruyff when i was div 6-5?) i can honestly say to me, Butra feels like a better shooter then Cruyff. JUST SHOOTING. for me its the power he generates with little to no pre movement behind the ball, like all shots he takes are cannons, and thats not saying Cruyff aint got 2 cannons of him self, but with Cruyff i feel i still maybe need a touch before the shot 2 make it safe and with butra i can go full " jesus take the wheel" and just shoot.

Could just be me tbh. Cruyff in general is ofc a better card but when we talk just shooting, i think Butra edges him out a bit.

Passing is decent, he has enough for doing 1-2s with his partners up front but never and i mean never, do a long pass on the ground with this man, its like you want to give the ball away, if you really need to do a long pass just don't do it on the ground.

His strongest trait is actually obviously his finesse trait, this trait is his trait. idc about what anyone says that Messi's left foot is the best finesse shot etc etc, could be true. But can Messi do it with both feet? no, and that is what i love, I come from fifa 17 before 21 and there finesse shots was my bread and butter, that and low driven shots… (meta shot) but i have always trusted the finesse, but in this game shot across the goal with power behind it is better. But with Butra i always finesse, ofc i shot strong shots as well but i know does not matter how tight, if you just aim as tight as u can and holding the finesse, it will go in!

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What i liked about his mid card especially is the fact that its the strongest card out of all the Butras, which does not really matter tbh cuz he is small af and we are talking about 68 str. BUT STILL i swear, when i used his baby card, a fart could tip him over, his mid feels little more solid, can hold of a bit and tussle for the ball in certain situations. Not enough ofc. but always a + when thinking about what type of player he is.

Even though 1,68m tall this dude does everything he can to head the ball, i love that. not that he actually wins the duels lol but i love the fact that he has great jumps and even on corners will be a distraction for some.

if you are thinking about king Kenny then sure, id think the same cuz i was going for him, but his mid is 5 pace slower and IMO 87 pace wont be enough against fullback meta, idk how many baby / mid Kenny's I've faced and its total lockdown on them, and his prime is 1,3 mill so unless u feel like paying 500+k more for 1 star skill move more and 3 more pace ( and other stats that's gets boosted) then sure, go for him, I'm not a skiller in that sense, though i will admit there were times i wish that i had the berba spin or croqueta in some certain situations but its not that i could not solve that with a fake shot and pass it to another player and create another angle / chance. you have to be creative with 3 star skiller players 😉


Well what can i say, this is the card that i will 100% lose money on but hey who cares, he is the final piece and I'm happy. Wont ever change him unless for his PIM version (who is weaker, fun fact) and that change wont happen for at least 2 months or so. I got him for 790k, at his peak this week he was 850k so between there is his price, and ofc he will crash like all other cards.

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But IMO icon wise, he is the best striker for its price. cant find better when we talk about strikers imo, 790k i got him for, atm selling for 794k according to Futbin and it was at its highest during the week at 850k. So between 790k-850k for him? BARGAIN.

with how the market is now there are a lot of options "meta" wise that ofc can hang with Mid Butra in terms of how good they are. But its about them links baby. If you can fit in cheaper and as good or even better options like Rashfords informs, Neymar, Cr7, Mbappe, Boadu, ASM freeze, dembele freeze and on and on, u get the jist, then sure go for them. But if you are in need of a striker and it has to be an icon? Don't think or look further then mid Butra.

Thanks for your time ! hope you found this review somewhat useful, any questions id love to answer 🙂


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