My 30-0 (3rd in the world on PS4 this wknd) Tactics guide and some general gameplay tips!

Content of the article: "My 30-0 (3rd in the world on PS4 this wknd) Tactics guide and some general gameplay tips!"

Let me start with a short backstory.

I started playing FIFA after a long break on FIFA 17 and managed to hit top200 on Fifa18 once in a lifetime style. I started writing tactics guides on 18-19 here as they were popular. On Fifa20 I hit elite 1 I think 4 Times and started competing on some tournaments as well. On this Fifa I made it into Finnish eLeague and have Been playing well on tournaments as well. After finishing 7 Times in elite 1 on fifa21 I finally did it. Managed to go 30-0 for the first time ever yesterday.

I basically run a 2 formation setup. This weekend I mainly used My 4231 one as my attack was on point. But changed to 442 on some occasions as well. And have Been mainly using 442 for this fifa. Basically 4231 is More defensive one with patient buildup and 442 I use when I wanna attack fast.

My team:

First about my 4231 setup:

4231: Defensive style Balanced: Defensive depth 5, defensive width 4. Attacking style Balanced, width 6, Players in box 6, Corners 1, Free kicks 2

(I like 4 width defensively on every formation this year). I use offside trap a bit when line falls too far back. 5 depth is what I used now but Been also using up to 7. So down to preference. Attacking is basic except corners. I like 1 on corners because game sets the attackers more towards Backpost and far away from goalie.

Player instructions: Fullbacks stay back, conservative interceptions, Cdms Stay Back, cover center, Widecams get into box for crosses, middle cam default, ST Target Man

Generally with this formation you need to be more calm with your buildup. Use the width and then bring the ball to cdms and Cam. I generally would say 4231 demands more attacking wise and maybe demands a bit better team to actually create enough chances. So If you find attacking difficult maybe this is not the one for you.

Then 442 setup (My most used formation this fifa) :

Defensive style Balanced, width 4, Depth 6. Attacking style Balanced, width 7, Players in box 5. Corners 1, Free kicks 2.

Instructions: Fullbacks stay back, conservative interceptions. CMS Stay Back, cover center, stay on edge of box for crosses, Widemids get in behind, get into box for crosses, come Back on defence, Both strikers Target Man.

I think instructions wise you can do what you like except with strikers. Both with target man works so well. You can play a driven pass to them from pretty much anywhere and when you want them to run in behind just press l1. Its such a deadly formation on counter attacks. Defensively its more challenging, I use striker drop back from dpad tactics with 442 always. I think The depth needs to be 6 maybe Even 7 because pressuring The midfield is so difficult with 442. If lets say opponent uses 4231 they have so much space with their cdms with the ball. I use this formation when I cant get things going with 4231 or opponent abuses team press or pressure after posession loss a lot.

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Some general tips with WL:

Find what ever works for you. For example normally people tell you to not play more than few games at a time. However for me this is not the way. I find My best gameplay after lets say 4-5th game in a row. So I normally play 10 in a row. This works for me but not necessarily for you. Recognize when you are at your best. Try and play one warmup game at least If you can and If you have important games up ahead. I gotta be honest that I rarely do this and it costs me sometimes.

With how to space out games once again its all dependand on what you are after. If you are not fighting for elite 1 ranks then generally its best to leave games as late as you can. Lets say playing like 5-5-20 would be ideal. However If you are top level player then it does not necessarily Make much difference I have found. For example this wknd I played 14-7-9 and it worked for me with 30-0. And also got high skill rating because of it.

DONT PLAY TILTED! If you find yourself being angry and not enjoying it at all, stop. This is very important. For myself mentality is so important. Trying to enjoy it If you can, and always believing in yourself no matter The situation. Dont panic If you go down and start going Kamikaze on defence. I see so Many players going team press instantly after going 2-0 down on first half. Ofc tactically you can try and change stuff but dont overreact. And take your Time with chances. They will happen eventually.

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Some general gameplay tips and tricks:

Here is one of the possible gamebreakers: If you find yourself playing on bad connection often and finding defending impossible with slow jockey speed and bad animations you should at least try playing with Manual jockey and auto move assistance on none. These can be found on controller settings. This what I use. Warning is this, its very difficult at beginning. Basically you have no automatic slowdown with your defending which makes your jockey speed much quicker. But also defending 1vs1 harder close to your own goal. Key is to use less R2 with L2 when close to own box. Basically go close to opponent with R2+L2 and then let go of R2. This is what some call gass and break defending. If you have no problems with assisted jockey and connection then ignore this.

Extra pass. Harry Hesketh says it all the time. And its simply what separates top players. Always headup. And try and find that one more pass. When 1vs1 against keeper also head up and see If opponent moves his keeper.

On defence dont rush your centerbacks. I gotta admit I do this sometimes as well. But its normally not good. Try and Be active and switch players and apply pressure always to ball holder. Ai defending might work up to some level but against good opponents it does not work. So try and learn manual defending.

Most important skillmoves:

My favourite move besides obvious fakeshots, ball rolls and Stepovers is easily reverse elastico. Its so effective inside The box. You can try and do a fakeshot and then reverse elastico, or just use it after one touch. Its so nice to create angles with. If it would have been one month ago I would have said bridge (r1 double tap) but it has become so used on wl that its no suprise anymore. So I dont think its that effective anymore. But the key with it what people dont realize is that players always use their right foot with skills so it works best on left side of pitch. So its not good on right wing for example but Works on left side.

Obviously I have to keep some of My tricks to myself as well.

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Otherwise cant think more. Decided to write this sort of post after a long break after My 30-0. If you have questions about anything FIFA related I can try and answer when I can.

Hopefully this helps someone.


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