My argument for why I think the full TOTY comes out tomorrow

Since we can't stop speculating about what EA will do tomorrow for TOTY, I decided to give my two cents as to why I think it's likely they release the full team at once instead of the usual staged release.

First, we need to look at how much the TOTY release changed in recent years. TOTY used to come out mondays with defenders being in packs for two days, then midfielders for two days, attackers out on friday and finally the full team release on saturday. Last year, it started with attackers for one day, midfielders one day, defenders one day, full team released thursday and 12th man added on friday.

Now, why is this important? To me it shows that the slow "build the hype up" release wasn't working financially for EA. They clearly changed to attackers first to try and get some FP sales right at the beginning and double dip once the full team was out. Which means their (even slower) strategy was a bust. And the fact that it will start on a friday this year makes me think they also realized (obviously) that the engagement would be a lot higher starting on a weekend.

And that adds up to the problem with the slow release: people know that they'll release the full team later. So it doesn't make sense to try your (shocking) luck in packs when you only have a few players available. So even tho some big whales will 100% spend since day one, the truth is they'll spend no matter what. They'll spend just as much in the second day with only midfielders in packs as they'll spend in the 8th day of the full team being out. But a large part of the community will wait.

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And that's what doesn't make sense financially for them. It's the biggest promo of the year. It's no doubt the moment players spend the most on FP and play the game the most. It makes absolutely no sense for them to do something that makes a large part of their community to think "nah, I'll wait a few more days to start spending".

What I don't think people realize is how much FP is spend on packs outside lightning rounds. They see the lightning rounds selling in 5 mins with only defenders in packs and think "OMG, look how much money EA just made!". Truth is people spend WAY MORE than just during lightning rounds. And that's a big problem for when you only have part of the team out in packs. Who the hell (whales excluded) is opening 15k packs if only the defenders are in packs?

Financially, I just think it makes a lot more sense to have the full team in packs and do lightning rounds, promo packs and 15k packs for 10 days. Those lightning rounds will sell with the full team in packs no matter how long they're there for, it's not just about hype. And having the full team out through two weekends makes it more likely that people will double dip for FP than having only a few players out at a time during week days.

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With that being said, cue the "attackers available for 3 days" coming out tomorrow… Kappa

TL:DR- It makes more financial sense for EA to have the full team out in their biggest promo of the year for 10 days than their usual slow release that make so many people think "nah, I'll wait to spend money later".


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