My Barca PxP Review

Bored so I'm going to give you a review of each player in my Barca PxP so far. It changes to this in-game. Playstyle is fast-paced tiki take with quick pressing. The players and formation is great for maintaining possession as well (I rarely have below 60% possession and no I don't waste time).

*Small disclaimer*: this team was grinded for which is why you don't see Maradona, Cryuff, etc.

Ter Stegen: 9.5/10

Hands down the best keeper I've used. I've tried Neuer, Ederson, Alisson, Pope, De Gea, Courtois, and nobody compares to him (haven't compared to an icon gk and I will never spend on one so feel free to argue this). He's excellent in 1v1s, makes random wonder saves, is excellent in ball distribution, and is highly consistent. Some drawbacks could be height and no long throw, but for me, the rest of his attributes compensate extremely well.

Zambrotta: 9.5/10

Best RB I have used hands down. Fast, strong, and can basically do it all. I often get him to overlap behind the winger and send a cross in or dribble into the box for a shot. He is an amazing player to have.

Blanc: 9/10

Having used his 89, this card is just amazing. Yes, he can be slow, but nobody gets past him. There is no dribbling around Blanc. He gets his body in front of everyone and his passing is excellent. His height (6'4") is such an asset and he has a definite presence in the field. The rare times I sent him on a run has a resulted in goals or assists- he's that good! However, back tracking is important as he can of course be out run. However, he'll probably catch up and just take the ball anyway.

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Puyol: 8/10

Puyol is honestly a cgreat defender in-game, though he takes getting used to. You need to be careful as he isn't fast or agile. However, on defense, he is amazing! He blocks so much and bodies everyone expertly. Also is very fun to have as a captain. His height is an issue, but his physical and jumping stats help to compensate. Overall, he's a good defender and I found his SBC worth doing if you're a Barca fan.

Adama: 8/10

Tried using Alba here, but I felt he was getting bodied to easily. Introducing Adama to the team was a no brainer: crazy pace and strength. Sentinel brings his defense stats into the high 80s, he's incredible. A great thing I noticed with him is that if he's beaten, he can catch up in virtually a second. A great defender. He can be decent on attack, but his low composure and poor stats in shooting and passing hold him back a bit.

Busquets: 9.5/10

Oh man, I was so happy when this card came out, at 80 pace to boot. This guy keeps my midfield super tidy. Busquets height and defensive capabilities make him an excellent cdm and his high composure, dribbling, and passing really reflect him in his prime. He quietly controls the game as he does irl and he's a joy to have in my team.

De Jong: 8.5/10

I was missing a good winger and didn't have the coins for an icon to create links, so that's where Frenkie came in. As unorthodox as it is to use him as a LM, having looked over his stats, he's perfect for the role imo. Decent pace, excellent passing, dribbling, and physical stats, he has no trouble going up the pitch, though it's a bit slower than others because of the medium/high work rate. However, he's a blast to use and is an excellent playmaker. Biggest issue of course was his shooting as he can occasionally miss some sitters. Otherwise, great and versatile card.

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Xavi: 9/10

Was happy to see the best passer in football get his icon card and was very surprised by it. Was worried that he may not turn out well, but he's a very useful card. Employing him as a CDM, Xavi controls the midfield with his passing. His dribbling is also unexpectedly fluid and he very occasionally can intercept passes. Downside is of course his physical stats, but they don't matter much to me. His long balls and through balls are of course incredible and just always have a habit of finding themselves ahead of the defender and at my attackers' feet.

Messi: 9.5/10

Such a great card this FIFA with good value for money (regarding his rare gold). As many feel he isn't meta, Messi is overlooked, but I suggest you don't make that mistake. Though I use him as wide cam, he has such a presence on the field and his finesse shots from anywhere can result in a goal. His tight dribbling, excellent passing, and his acceleration make him an incredible asset.

Suarez: 9.5/10

A card I've been so happy to have, Suarez has been in my team since his objective came out. Honestly, this has been my favorite objective card ever and for good reason. He finishes everything and scores every single game. His runs are spectacular and El Pistolero is lethal in front of goal. His speed and physical stats help him get past defenders, hold up play, with his passing helping him create goals too. Such an excellent 9.

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Neymar: 9.5/10

He is the meta. If I'm having trouble scoring, switching Neymar to ST with Messi will result in a goal or he will make one. His dribbling is amazing as hell and he glides through defenders. A joy to have, as it was seeming him in the MSN trio.

So, hope you enjoyed the long read and enjoy your day!


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