My Complaints For Objectives/Milestones/Seasons

Content of the article: "My Complaints For Objectives/Milestones/Seasons"

To preface, I love them. They give us something to grind and you have the great feeling of working hard towards something and getting a great player that will help you in the long run. But I think there are some things that could be improved upon a lot.

1) Make rewards tradable – EA do this a lot and it takes the piss really. I suppose it's their way of taking coins away and trying to make us buy FIFA Points. I think the packs would be a lot more beneficial to us if we could sell the contents. No point in packing a player who is worth a pretty penny but in reality you don't like him or he doesn't fit into your squad.

2) Objectives and Milestones need to be more accessible – I usually have a lot of time on my hands so I'm able to grind for hours each day to try and complete these but for the average casual player who I imagine represents a large amount of the demographic, they are way too time-consuming and difficult to complete. I don't think it's fair to alienate the casuals by catering most of these Objectives to hardcore players. And even if they did somehow manage to find the time to complete them, there is not much incentive to complete them anyway, which leads me onto my next complaint.

3) Rewards aren't good enough – grinding for the sake of grinding is a bad thing to have in any game. I fell into this trap with the Division 2; played it a ton, and after a while realised I wasn't getting much out of it and it wasn't all that enjoyable. Having to grind ism't my issue, as long as the steps to grind aren't repetetive and monotinous, it's fine by me. But the rewards need to be higher in order for these Objectives and Milestones to be an efficient use of one's time and effort.

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4) Stop with the time-gated content – I'm not suggesting that enough objetives should be released on day 1 so that we can complete the new Season in the first hour. But give us a little more freedom. If I want to take it slow with how I complete the Season, then let me. If I want to be fast with it so it's over and I can focus on something different, then let me. Give us more freedom. Sometimes if there's a good player ai don't want to have to wait weeks and weeks to obtain him.

So those are my complaints. Not sure if anyone cares, EA certainly couldn't give a toss, and I couldn't really gve less of a shit if I tried either. Just wanted to make this post. Have a good day everybody


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