MY last WL of fifa 20 team breakdown

Content of the article: "MY last WL of fifa 20 team breakdown"

I've done one of these before and I figured I would do one for what I think will be my last WL of Fifa 20

As last time I will explain my formation, custom tactics, and a small review for each player.

My final record: 20-5 (Played all 25 Saturday)

Formation: 5-2-1-2

Defense: Balanced, 5 width, 5 depth

Offense: Fast Build Up, Width 5, Players in box 5, Corners 4, Free kicks 3

GK: PIM Van Der Sar, as solid as a GK that's not Ter Stegen can be. (Basic) 8/10

RWB: TOTSSF Carvajal, PI: Join the attack. Great going forward, and really solid defensively. (anchor) 9.5/10

RCB: TOTY De Ligt, PI: Default. Amazing, No issues whatsoever, absolute god. (Shadow) 10/10

CCB: PIM Desailly, PI: Default. Really Solid, occasionally gets caught out (that could be my fault though) Great body type. (Shadow) 9/10

LCB: TOTSSF Manolas, PI: Default. Hands down the best CB I've used this game. Never out of position, Never loses an areal battle and extremely cheap. (anchor) 10/10

LWB: TOTSSF Hernandez, PI: Join the attack. Honestly I prefer Alex Sandro, but I need Hernandez for chem. He's great defensively but leaves a little to be desired going forward, hes a bit clunky. (Guardian) 7.5/10

LCM: SH Kessie, PI: Default. He's an absolute tank and I have no issues with him performance wise hes just kinda difficult to link. (engine) 9/10

RCM: FB Modric, PI: Get forward. Hes amazing, H/H WR great passing and dribbling no complaints at all (Hawk) 10/10

CAM: SH Perisic 7 Chem, PI: Stay forward. One of the best players I have used all year. Hes fast, strong, agaile, and has a 5* WF. He was also only about 130K. Jesus what a steal. (Engine) 10/10

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LST: TOTSSF Lewandowski, PI: Stay central, Get in behind. Absolutely insane card, finished everything, and wasn't at all clunky. 1.35 Million coins is a bit expensive but hes worth every coin. (engine) 10/10

RST: TOTSSF Ronaldo, PI: Stay central, Get in behind. Best Card in the game. Not really much else to say. I did pay a lot for him but honestly hes just the best card I've used in any fifa ever. I have 127 games on him and 203 goals. Enough said. (engine) 12/10

Most used Sub: TOTTSF David. Great off the bench when I needed an injection of pace 5* WF is great but 3* skills is lacking a bit. 9/10

Hope you all enjoyed the read. LMK what you liked and didn't like about the post.

Also if you have any questions about my play style or any players i use feel free to ask


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