My Long Journey This Year

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Hi guys, this the end for FIFA 20. So I want to share my experience with this game. I play this game on PC origin.

For short, Fifa 20 is too much fun. My last FUT was FUT 16, so many new features added on 20, objectives, milestone, SB, sbc, icon swap, many promo cards each week.

I feel like child when got new toys.

I spend 1800 hours on this game, because in quarantine I just play this game. Fifa 20 make me entertaint from scary pandemi in real world.

My Last Main Squad

Main Squad

– Best Division = 5

– My top Pack:

  1. Mid R9 (untrad)
  2. PIM Rio Ferdinand (untrad)
  3. TOTS Mane (tradable)

– My Favourite Players

  1. Fbday Mbappe = Best player for me, scoring in every single match that I play him. Type of player that covered my average skill
  2. Mid R9 = His finesse is top notch, score my first free kick with him
  3. SH Firmino = If I dont pack mid R9, he still on my main squad. Score for fun, so clinical

– Worst player based on Their Price

  1. Mid Gullit (Bought for 4,1 mill) = bullied by pogba, sissoko, fabinho, ndombele, de jong. Not strong enough as stayback cdm, as balanced cdm KDB far better.
  2. TOTY Ronaldo (Bought for 2,7 mill) = on Striker, fbday mbappe and mid R9 better, his 4 wf noticable a lot. I need extra move to switch ball to his right. On The wide dembele and ribery involved more.
  3. TOTY Kante (Bought for 1,2 mill) = bullied by big cdm, his 2sm/3wf make him vunurable when my opponent play high press, I feel FB matuidi as good as him.
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– Best SBC Player

  1. SH Firmino
  2. SH Dembele
  3. SH Delaney

– My Dumbest Action

  1. Sell TOTY Ronaldo, and spent the coin on 94+, the best was TOTS Mane
  2. Panic sell my squad when community tots arrive, lost almost a million.

– My Best Decision

  1. Bought FBday Mbappe for 4.8 mill.
  2. Change to 5wf player, now I have 8 5wf player in my main squad. Just CB and GK that Don't

– Most Appereances

  1. TOTS Ramos= 1000+ match
  2. TOTS Stegen= 900+ match
  3. FBday Mbappe= 600+ match

– Honorable Player (Cant send them to SBC)

  1. Baby Rio = My number 1 CB until TOTS came
  2. Baby Blanc = My number 1 CDM until TOTS came
  3. Mid VDS = My number 1 GK until La Liga TOTS came

In conclusion, I really enjoy FIFA 20. Maybe this is the last FUT for me in next few years. For now, I want to find new job, new experience, new friend in Real world.


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