My opinion on MLS Players in FUT

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So I'm Canadian, and I was introduced to soccer/football by my German grandpa, who was a Bayern fan, so Davies is literally amazing, but that's not what I'm gonna talk about. Normally EA does the MLS horrible. Their TOTS cards are too high. Just because they're TOTS doesn't necessitate massive jumps in overall, most of the time 10-13 overall, which imo is worsened, because they rarely give MLS players TOTWs. The lower overall players are more fun to play with then all the super meta high overall players. These League Players (Bojan, Lima, Long) are super fun to play with, and they're not overly jacked overalls.

My current team

Opara Rulebreakers is another decently cheap, not overly jacked overall player (which I'm saving up for). The next thing I'd like to comment on is SBC prices. MLS SBCs have to be cheaper, as they're less useful and the league gets less special cards, which is why I didn't do Matuidi, who cost as much as OTW James, who while having less pace, is in the EPL and way more likely to get special cards.

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This is a Team of the Tournament Fifa 17 Flashback Concept Pozuelo I made. (Which ik is biased bc of my team)

I chose Pozuelo for the FB card, because it's not insanely rated, and won't be criminally overpriced like a Higuain or Chicarito Flashback. The Witsel and Khedira SBCs cost roughly 160k. Any MLS SBC cannot cost 160k. No one will use it, and its not very useful in the grand scheme of things. The way of making SBCs for smaller leagues has to be making it cheaper, and lower rated. It also allows a variety of team choices, rather than an a decently high overall player that can play literally any position down the centre depending if you put catalyst, shadow or hunter on them. I know this is unnecessarily long, and no one will read it, but I just wanted to talk about how EA can't treat smaller leagues like the big 5, and they have to be cheaper and smaller ratings.

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