My personal wish list for the upcoming disapointment and recycled game Fifa 21 in terms of FUT and Pro clubs (1/2) FUT

Content of the article: "My personal wish list for the upcoming disapointment and recycled game Fifa 21 in terms of FUT and Pro clubs (1/2) FUT"

Hello everyone. Besides one post I've been a quiet witness about whats going on in this sub reddit.

I've Seen some good ideas but sadly cant find them anymore so that I cant tag the ones putting said good ideas in my head. Also feel free to add or correct things, different opinions or constructive critisism are welcome. This is gonna be a 2-parter, 1st being all about FUT and what I would personally like to see.

About me before we begin: Im an hardcore pro clubs player who played competitive 11v11 for years and an casual FUT player who always stops at G3 no matter how good my record is. Feel like the game decides from the get go if you lose or win so i dont really feel like stressing out for a 4th option in the red picks and slightly better packs and coins. I like to do objectives and every sbc financially possible (even for untrade shit). Hope thats enough.

Here we go:

FUT: – the menu should have dynamic pictures/gifs ones you go to a certain mode or a little soundbit to add some kind of development above the previous titles. It would be visually and acoustically pleasing.

  • the "FIFA POINTS" section under "STORE" should be removed or decreased in size and just be an option once you go to the "BROWSE PACKS" section by pressing R1 or L1. I know the company forgot their fanbase and care for the money, its a companies target in the end to make numbers and not smiling faces.

  • "LIVE FROM PLAYSTATION" section should be removed and be replaced by a sort ot timer which shows you how much time you put into the whole mode including in game or in the FUT menu in general. Would be interesting to look at when it comes to youtube videos instead of assuming how much time someone invested by looking at their games played. DCs dont last 15 mins a game for example.

  • There shoudn't be a max limit of 100 slots in the transfer list, it should be unlimited or increased by a 100 more. Traders or people who open a lot of packs and get dublicates could use them for something useable instead of quick selling them for space.

    • Weekly special cards or TOTWs should be shown or appear in the "STORE" section instead in the "SQUADS" section. Same as "SQUAD BUILDING CHALLENGES".
  • The said "SQUADS" section should only show your current squads instead of other non-fitting themes mentioned before.

  • You should be able to switch between your teams in the "SQUADS" section by flicking the RS stick, instead of going in one squad > press L2 > choose squad selector > search the other team you wanted to look or inspect in the first place. The menu is so delayed at times that you are stuck in one place till the game catches up with your actions.

  • You should be able to see the latest TOTW on a team sheet once you press on "TEAM OF THE WEEK" instead of starting from the first one and L1-ing your way to the most recent.

  • You should be able to see the latest new themed special cards in a team sheet rather to be send to the store to obviously waste money to hopefully pack them or go on to look at them in a starting XI TOTW kind of style.

  • Add more soundtracks that would let you sing along while doing a SBC or adjusting your team. Giving you a good mood even though you just lost a game prior. (There are great soundtracks but some of them are just casual shit which you want to skip which leaves you with the 3 or 4 you'd repeat till you get annoyed of them. FIFA 09-FIFA 17 gang.

  • Once you load into FUT it should show you, your SEASON "X" progress and how much time you still got. Giving you a reason to grind today bar sweating fut champs. Optionally it also could show your record and your current form. Like they always do once there is a new special themed event out.

  • Offline and online tournaments should be added into the "PLAY" and "ONLINE" sections.

  • Retro Draft should be a new mode in which you can choose players from past FIFAS you'd like to use in the current version like Ibarbo, Musa, Gervinho, Robinho, Kelvin, Kouyate, Assaidi or Lisandro Lopez from their former clubs with their own special retro designs. It gives you that arcade feeling instead of that serious dull tone. It should cost you the normal draft price but could be a free mode in friendlies.

  • "FUT DRAFT" should be a free mode in the "FRIENDLIES" section where you can play a friendly tournament with your friends or against random people. The winning price would be an online draft token. (Doesn't have to be a tournament, also could be for one game that would be a nice video concept for starting youtubers who cant afford to put coins into the 194 DRAFT CHALLENGE) which is very entertaining in my opinion.

  • Daily objectives should be more time consumimg, different each day and hence more rewarding instead of little to no XP and an one rare players pack. My daily objectives would be example:

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  • Play 10 games (any game Mode)

    • Win 5 games (any game Mode)

Changing daily:

  • Score outside the 16yrd box (any game mode)

  • Score a goal after 10 successful passes (Division Rivals/Online Draft/Fut Champions)

    • Dribble past the keeper and run into the goal (any game mode)
    • Assist or score a goal with a defender (Division Rivals/Online Fut Draft/Fut Champions)
    • Let an opponent rage quit before the 2nd half starts (any online mode bar friendlies)
    • Win 3/5/7 games in a row (the more won, the better the XP or packs) (Division Rivals/Online Fut Draft/Fut Champions)
    • Earn 2.5/5/7.5/10k by playing games (any game mode)
    • Complete 1 Squad Building Challenge

… etc

  • Weekly season objectives (1-7/bronze-gold) shouldnt be expiring till the season is done.

  • The "MASTER PASSER" objective section should be upgraded into more reasonable objectives, fitting the sections' name.


  • Get 5/10/15/20 assists by crossing the ball (Division Rivals/Fut Champions/Squad Battles on semi pro/Online Draft)

  • Get 3/5/7/10 assists by giving a flair pass (Division Rivals/Fut Champions/Squad Battles on semi pro/Online Draft)

  • Get 10/20/30/40 assists by a through ball (Division Rivals/Fut Champions/Squad Battles on semi pro/Online Draft)

-Get 20/40/60/80/100 assist in general (Division Rivals/Fut Champions/Squad Battles on semi pro/Online Draft)

  • There should be an objective called "HUNTER" where you'd have to score goals in different areas or ways. Its the same as the "MASTER PASSER" but in terms of finishing said assists.


  • Score 5/10/15/20 goals by headers (Division Rivals/Fut Champions/Squad Battles on semi pro/Online Draft)

  • Score 3/5/7/10 goals by a volley/bicycle kick (Division Rivals/Fut Champions/Squad Battles on semi pro/Online Draft)

  • Score 1/3/5/7 goals by dribbling past the keeper (Division Rivals/Fut Champions/Squad Battles on semi pro/Online Draft)

  • Score 5/10/15/20/25 goals outside the 16yrd box (Division Rivals/Fut Champions/Squad Battles on semi pro/Online Draft)

  • Score 20/40/60/80/100 goals in general (Division Rivals/Fut Champions/Squad Battles on semi pro/Online Draft)

  • Icon Stories objective should reward you with a manager objective of said icon once finished. Just for the laughs.

  • INFORMS who got their said special card by scoring two freekicks or two headers or insane goals in any way, should get a massive stats upgrade by 10+/20+ on free kick accuracy or heading accuracy for example. Or 99+ for that card to be special and not a simple SBC fodder.

  • INFORMS only should be given out for player based performances and not for PR reasons. There should be a special themed event with a voting system for the most desired players instead. INFORMS for players who deserved them without counting the league or nation in.

  • Player objectives shoudnt have ridiculous requirements like scoring low-driven shots or assisting through balls with a chilean player with 60 shot and 43 passing. Instead the way someone scores and assists should count without the nationality/league/wf/sm required player, making objectives challenging but in a good non bullshittery way. Getting certain amount of wins in Division Rivals is hard enough, getting objectives done during it is impossible, even for an insane player because the higher the division, the harder to do said objectives. This would also stop players de-ranking themselves and making the game less enjoyable for starting players as it already is.

  • Milestone players should be easier to get but more time consuming by having 5-6 players of each team in the squad while winning 4-5 games for example instead of scoring with the players from their respectable clubs because some teams have non-lethal players infront of goal. Silver teams on the other hand like Paderborn or Union Berlin where its probably hard to get players in the first place due to League SBCs only need to fill 1-2 players' slots in your starting XI.

  • There should be 5 story line player pick options Level 15 Season "X" (2 from the big leagues/3 from the ROW)

  • There should be a Milestone objective for every league to support players who dont want to play with the meta leagues.

  • Objective packs shoudnt be untradeable, let alone SBC and Milestone packs.

  • Using the position filter in the "TRANSFER MARKET" should give you an in-depth option to specify your search.

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This would make searching for SBC fodder easier, precise and faster.

  • Having an option of searching players by new. Meaning, that if the option is activated you would find players only from the latest special event or Latest TOTW or most recent club change.

  • Having an option of searching managers by name other than the League/Nation combination.

  • Squad fitness in general should be drained slower (more if the last matches included ET or a lot of Team Pressure).

  • Having these extra seperate search filters: "UCL/EL/OTW/MOTM/SS/TOTT/FB/TOTY/TOTS/HL/FFS


  • For 2nd/3rd/4th IFs: " IF2/IF3/IF4"

  • Having more themed "ADVANCED" SBCs in the "SQUAD BUILDING CHALLENGES" section

  • Getting better player or higher rated player choices in the major leagues. 83 Cunha for about 300k? Whats up with that. Since they decreased the pack value they could have made the player in choice much more desireable.

  • Getting rid of the loyality-based SBCs where you cant really do much as play 10 games or getting yourself 10 losses for a 82 Baumann.

  • Adding a permanent special gold upgrade SBC where you have to trade in 11 gold rares for 2x 81 rated or above players.

  • Adding icon SBCs back + having ICON objectives once the SBC is done and staying permanently even when the Season is over. Once you done it, it vanishes.

  • Elite 3-Top100 players should always get one player pick with a guarenteed top player from the latest TOTW. You got to reward their effort and sweating differently then us G3 players who could go on but dont want to.

  • There should be two optional ways of enetering FUT Champions: the normal reaching of 2k qualifying points or the known FUT Champions tournament from the previous installments. Like said, optional.

  • Each Weekend League should be from Friday 8am – Tuesday 8am. Its called weekend league I know but people dont want to stress themselves out and also ruin their weekends by playing a biased game.

  • Players who dont link up at all will receive a soft link after 100 games in the same team (they have to play every game till the end)

  • Brothers or IRL relatives will automatically get a soft link.

  • Bronze benching doesnt affect the team rating therefore not allowing high rated teams to play against worse teams.

  • More themes like the Future Stars where your star progressively gets better the more you finish the required objectives. Good idea / good execution 10/10

  • The weekend league should have different weekly team requirements to get rid of the meta and having something refreshing. Like silver teams one nation teams etc.

  • Fifa shoudnt interfere when you face someone who lost x-games in a row and gets rewarded for being shit. You de-rank for a reason. Leave the scripting out.

  • ICON swaps tokens should all be released at once and not in the 2nd half of the season.

  • Objectives should be put into favorites with the triangle botton to later be displayed in the pausing menu in game, to know what you have to or can do in that game.

  • Team pressure and AI defending has to get patched.

  • Drop back + 1 depth should be patched or not possible to be that efficent. Almost every 2nd player I faced used that shady (real life) tactic which is just so boring to play against.

  • In-game switching should be easier by choosing the player you want to sub in/out personally. 👇👇

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This is my personal wish list to the upcoming game. It is a very long post and it took me way too much time and I would appreciate feedback and different opinions.

I personally think the game is not bad and there is a reason for me constantly putting myself under pressure. Its the best football game we have with its only counterpart being miles apart, Fifa knows this and really doesnt add much yearly, because they dont have to. We will buy the game even though we said, we woudn't. Buy packs to develope a team that will play like bronzes but look good on paper and starting this rollercoaster ride once the latest version is out again.

Hope this wasnt a waste of time.


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