My thoughts on Weekend league

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Firstly this post is directed towards people who manage silver 1 or gold 3 in every Weekend league (Myself being a prime example here). I assume if someone is winning 11 or 14 out of 30 games every weekend league, that person is not enjoying the experience. If you do, props to you. Nonetheless, i do know that a lot of elite players also do not enjoy the weekend league experience.

Video games are supposed to be fun. The only time I am happy after a weekend league is when I reach my 11/14 wins quota and that now i can go to bed. 25 out of the 30 games, i will be having a sweaty experience – either i want the game to end because i am losing 1-4, or i am somehow managing a one or two goal lead. DISCLAIMER : I am not a great player by any means, but I am decent (DIV3). Of the 18 games i lose on the average, in ~8 of them I would be the dominant side with higher shots and posession.

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So I thought to myself, what am I doing? 30 games x 15 mins = 450 mins. Thats almost 8 hours. Add another 15 rivals games (i play 15 rivals first to make sure i end up in Rank 1). Thats 12 hours of a miserable experience per weekend. I play every weekend and it adds upto around 24 days a year. That's 24 days that I will never get back. It would have been okay if I enjoyed this duration (which is my sole purpose of spending this period of time), but I am not.

To all those out there just like me, who keep grinding at the cost of sweat and time just for some fake currency and some shiny imaginary player cards, DONT. Do something better with your life. Play other games, or do something that will have value after a year. Miles Morales is coming out next friday, take a break from Fifa and enjoy gaming for a change. Missing out one weekend league will only do you good.

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Pro tip : This motivation to not play WL and do something good with your life will last 1 weekend. Next weekend you will be itching to play WL again. So on the weekend you motivate yourself, enter a weekend league and leave it unfinished so that you don't get qualifying points for next one. So next weekend the thought of having to play rivals to qualify first will drive you away.


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