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Warning, this is a long post, thx in advance for your time. Hey guys , first of all I am a casual fifa player, I play it for fun with friends. I won't say I am bad, but I just have a somewhat classic style of play- you know passing and shooting, I really suck at skill moves, and not that good in dribbling in general. I win most of my games, but the most intense games come with a friend who loves playing with psg. I win a few and lose a few against him and most of our games are close. But If I really want to counter effectivley, I will need some pro tips.

His in-possession Attacking style relies on keeping the ball by dribbling and changing directions and passing forward. I defend fairly well against this style of play, but I really need some tips on how intercept the ball before he reaches my penalty area. Every time I think I had him, he just does a skill move or dribble extremly quick and voila my defense is open. So I just wait while pressing L2 and try to cut the passing lanes, but that means most of the time I let him come close to the penalty area, and that can cause a lot of problems, so is there any way to defend more aggressively, without opening your defense or using constant pressure? However, my biggest problem is his counters. He scores most of his goals using forward trhoughs to mbappe and neymar and cavani. I see it coming from a mile, I put the defenders in position to cover him but they let the ball go behind them and mbappe just steers through and scores easily. The other problem is that my midfield players don't return quickly to defense, that leaves most of the time having to defend a count with my four defenders, giving him a lot of room to operate. Is there a way to force your players to return quicker on counters? Btw, I make my CDM and the backline stay back while attacking, but that doesn't help much lately.


In terms of attacking, I usually make a lot of chances, but my problem is that he defends with his attackers and midfielders amazingly, I mean even after beating a midfielder, he recovers extremely quickly and keeps tracking the ball and its holder. So no matter how fast I passing can't get rid of his midfielders (e.g. Gaye in the case of psg) and attackers. Of course I would have it easier if I can just dribble past them or play wide, but I really suck at dribbling. Like I tried everything I know, dribbling with L1, L2, drag back with R1, left stick dribbling, ball roll, whatever I do, his defenders and midfielders always make perfect tackles from behind. Even during the build up, his midfielders surround the ball holder and are always close so they force a bad pass often or make a perfect tackle from behind. I really want to learn how to defend like that and how to attack against such defense. Because when I try to do this when my players are beaten by a pass, my midfielders are so slow to sprint back in position, even when I am not pressing anything but R2 and manually control them, I am sure he doesn't use constant pressure. Btw I play mostly with liverpool, but I also play with Bayern, city and the same result, they just can't get through cleanly.

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Of course I know that there are a lot of videos about attacking and defending in fifa 20, I started to watch a lot, and that practice makes perfect, but I really don't have anyone to practice with and I really don't have enough time to build a team and play FUT or a random online match. So if you have a ps4, have a somewhat similar style of play and have the time and patience to help me practice, tell me, I will DM my ps4 id, I am thankful for any help I get.

Sorry again for the long post, and thank you in advance for reading and your help.


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