Nemanja Vidic 85 Icon Review (after 100 games)

Content of the article: "Nemanja Vidic 85 Icon Review (after 100 games)"

Before you read further, keep in mind I generally play in Div 3-4 and get to G2/G3 at best, so not an Elite player review by any sorts.

As a Manutd fan, I was so excited when he popped up in an untradeable Rare Gold pack. My first ever icon packed in any FIFA! And it had to him…. My favourite defender of all-time!

Last year, I picked up Base Rio from icon swaps and he stayed in my team till TOTS, and I can only say Vidic is already feeling very similar to him so far (barring pace) with much better agility and balance

Formation: I used Vidic mostly in a typical 352 setup as a central CB alongside RTTF Kounde and Diego Carlos.

Chem Style: Shadow because he has near perfect physical stats and you really need to improve his pace.

Pace (8/10) : He has 87 pace with a shadow, which I believe is more than enough at this stage of the game when partnered with a much faster CB. Jockeying with him feels so smooth and fast compared to other defenders I have used in this game.

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Shooting (5/10) : Yes, I know he has no shooting stats on his card but remember he is a cheat code on corners, if you can get the ball to his head from a corner, its a guaranteed goal. He cant do much shooting with his foot though as his stats would suggest (He did score a volley for me once though!)

Passing (6/10) : He has very low passing and a 2 star WF, so, make sure to never try risky passes with him from CB (Strictly don't try long passes/through balls with him!)

Dribbling (7/10) : He has very decent agility and balance (70s) for a tall and strong CB, but his actua; dribbling stat (47) is really low, so I would never try to dribble out with him from the back, which is not really required anyway.

Defending (10/10) : Jockeying, standing tackle, sliding tackle, blocks, blocks and more blocks again. He can do it all. The best thing about Vidic is, even when you are not controlling him, his positioning gives you a clear advantage over your opponent attacker when you quickly switch to him.

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Physical (10/10) : He never misses an aerial battle nor gets bullied by opponent attackers. With 91 Jumping, 85 Strength and 90 Aggression, he is by far the best physical defender I have used in any FIFA. There is no way any attacker is dribbling past him.

Overall and VFC (9/10) : He goes for 500k on the PS4 market and I believe is relatively cheaper for an icon CB wit those stats. There is absolutely no doubt he will instantly improve your defence and also allowing you to be more flexible in building your hybrid squads with icon links. If you a Manutd fan, just like me, don't even think twice, go get him! He has been one of the best CBs I have used in any FIFA.

TL;DR Review: Tall, fast enough, decent agility and balance, perfect defending and physical, cheat code on corners compensates his bad dribbling and passing well enough. Easily one of the best defenders I have used in any FIFA!


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