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I get constant ping ingame (min 9 – max 17) with no fluctuation. 99 rating on the EA connection quality test, but the game is still a wheel of fortune.

I´m a drummer, a juggler and a golfer. I know rythm, i trained my hand eye coordination and i read Sun Tzu (- ;

Playing fifa 21 ruins that skill set.

You never know if input is registered and executed correctly and this fact kills my flow.

The game feels like a sequence of quick time events where you have to literally guess the correct moment for input.

Imagine you try to juggle in a world where physics change from one moment to another complete random. You may argue that a good juggler could compensate and i agree, but only to a certain degree.

Fifa 21 creates situations where you have zero chances to react proper and thats the reason why you end up playing drop back brute force thru balls spamming, if you are looking for wins.



It´s the netcode! EA is not able to handle crappy instable internet connections properly. They thought they could and the result was all the visible bullshit you know from the fifa fails video.

These videos are a serious problem for EA because they display all the issues, even for someone who had never played a fifa game in his life.

EA beeing EA, did what they always do, they try to masquerade the problems.

And here is how they do it:

They went back to the old frame buffer code resulting in a mushy unresponsive, but at least more stable gameplay. Input lottery is still a problem, because even the frame buffer method has it´s limits.

EA allows players with pretty poor connections, high ping, high packet loss, a lot of jitter, to play online, but has no idea how to solve the problems that are caused by those unstable connections.

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I´m not going to explain how some people abuse this situation to gain an unfair advantage by manipulating their connection…

So next time you get frustrated by the game remember, chances are good you got screwed by the netcode.


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