North American FIFA Manager Online (NAFMO): MLS-based FIFA 20 league on XBOX looking for members

Hey there!

It's been months in the making, but I've created a full-featured online manager mode ran through FIFA 20, Discord, and Google Docs. I've played in a league before this and while I really enjoyed the concept, I felt that the person running the league was erratic in their decisionmaking and didn't value the community of his league. With that said, I created this league on the basis of fair play, integrity, and equal say. This means that league decisions will be voted on by the league; every team gets a vote. I want to run this thing as a democracy, not as a dictatorship.

Anyway, the league will feature a full-fledged team management system, complete with financials, wages, scouting, transfers, academies, auctions, and much more. Weekly matchups (possibly more, depending on league decision) will be home-and-home fixtures. There will be a great mix of realistic gameplay with a great community and the manager/career mode that we all love in FIFA (except for EA, of course). Stats will be tracked, games will be streamed, and rivalries will be formed. In addition to this, I will be hosting a weekly NAFMO matchweek recap on Sundays that will show highlights, discuss questions/comments, hint towards the upcoming week's auction player(s), and live-randomize scouting results.

We're looking to make the games as realistic as possible. This means that overuse of skill-moves will be frowned upon in the league; if that upsets you, just stick to ultimate team. In addition to this, our league settings will feature other in-game settings that will make the game more realistic and challenging. Pretty standard stuff, though; nothing crazy.

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As of now, we'll be playing FIFA 20 on Xbox One. As the next-gen consoles come out, we will smoothly transfer over our information from this game to the next.

Requirements: – Xbox One w/ FIFA 20 – Discord – Ability to stream every game on (all games will be hosted at – Internet that will not result in lag

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! A ton more details can be found in the Discord if you're interested in joining. Due to the nature of this concept, being involved in this league could be a little time-consuming. With that said, I want to work with members to find the right pace for everyone.

Thank you!


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